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Looking back on the years you have loved and watched high school football, if you had to pick 5 games to make your top 5 which ones woud they be and why?


I am actually unsure as to the order of my top 5, so I wil actually have to post my answer later.

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I'm not going to name 5 but I'll say 2006 Highland's/Cov Cath regular season would be on everyone's top 5 if they were there. Last second touchdown catch in that intense of an environment on the 3 yard line. Beautiful pass and even better catch. Great Game.

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1. CovCath v. Highlands @ Highlands (Regular Season '06)- last second touchdown from Blesser to Bovard to win


2. CovCath v. Beechwood @ Beechwood (Regular Season '04)- Wide Receiver 50+ yard reverse pass in final minutes from Callahan to J. Pauly


3. CovCath v. Bowling Green @ Papa John's Stadium (3A Championship '06)- State Champs, and OL/DL Nate Kater scoring a touchdown


4. CovCath v. Highlands @ CovCath (Playoffs '06)- Domination, and my good friend hitting a Highlands LB hard on a punt return right in front of me (and then that same LB giving me a concussion on the hardwood a few months later :lol:)


5. CovCath v. Elder @ Elder (Regular season '05)- The only L on my list, but a great game against an awesome opponent (lost on a last-second questionable missed FG by our backup kicker)


I don't get out much. :lol:

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I'll take a stab at the CovCath games. Apparently, I'm much older than some of the other posters....




1) 1987 CovCath 16 Paducah Tilghman 6

The first of CovCath’s 6 state championships saw CovCath rally from a 6 – 2 halftime deficit.


2) 1997 CovCath 41 Highlands 35 2OT

The famous Mud Bowl playoff game where CovCath avenges a 2 point regular season loss. CovCath would go on to win the state championship.


3) 1992 CovCath 22 Cincinnati Moeller17

CovCath becomes the first Kentucky team to beat Moeller. Moeller finished 7 – 3 in 1992, so this wasn’t a down Moeller team the Colonels beat.


4) 2006 CovCath 56 Lexington Catholic 49

CovCath goes to Lexington and wins an offensive shootout in the third round of the playoffs and goes on to win the state championship.


5) 1988 CovCath 31 Paducah Tilghman 24 OT

CovCath second straight title and second straight over the Blue Tornado. Exciting game with many momentum swings, especially in the second half.

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1. Brohm vs. Bush in the state title game

2. Male vs. Lex Cath 2002- great atmosphere- too bad the Knights couldn't beat Bush

3. Lex Cath vs Boyle County 2004- again great atmosphere and a better result for our Knights

4. East Carter vs. Russell 2003 season finale- my brother in law and the Raiders almost got the Devils for the district title that year, but a great second half comeback by McGlone's boys sealed anothe district title for Russell

5. Berea vs. Rowan County 2003 regular season- How do you lose a nine point lead with 30 seconds left without a punt, on-side kick, interception or fumble? You had to see the ending!

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1. Trinity/Male 2002: The legendary 59-56 shootout that ended on an interception on the 1 yard line by a little known DB to seal the win for the Rocks, and their second three-peat since 2000.


2. Trinity/St.X 2007: Down 28-21 with about 2 minutes left, Will Stein and Tim Phillips engineer a TD drive to tie the game and send it into overtime. The Rocks then intercept a Zoeller pass in the end zone and proceed to score on their posession.


3. Trinity/Male 2006: Another battle for the ages between the Rocks and Bulldogs with Trinity narrowly regaining the lead in the 4th quarter and stopping the Male QB on the 1 yard line as time expired to seal the win.


4. Trinity/St.X 2003: The state game and rematch of the early 17-6 win the Rocks had over the Tigers to end their 4 game losing streak. The Rocks and Tigers battled back adn forth in this defensive struggle only for the Rocks to prevail 17-14 for their 3rd consecutive title.


5. Central/Belfry 2007: An amazing game between to spectacular teams of dramatically differing styles of play and from entirely different backgrounds. This game ended with Central's first state title and it was an awesome game to watch!


I left off the 2005 Trinity/St.X title game, not because it wasn't deserving but because I wasn't actually present to witness it.

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1. 1998 Manual 7 Seneca 0- Lot of back story here, Seneca was a big rival at the time because the winner of that game would go to the playoffs. The previous year a teammate of ours, Quinton Hammond, was murdered on his way to school by another kid with the intent to steal his shoes. Quinton had a phrase he used when he played, he'd say "You can't hold me I'm bringing thunder". We were up 7-0 at the end of the fourth and Seneca was driving HARD and got about to the 30 yard line. Out of no where a weather system appear and a loud crack of thunder rolled through. At that moment the sideline erupted in chant "You can't hold me I'm bringing thunder". It wouldn't have mattered if we were playing the New England Patriots, no one was moving the football against our defense. To this day I still feel the chill in my bones remembering that moment, it was a moving moment that I don't think anyone involved will forget.


2. 2001 Manual 20 Male 13- Male and Manual have oldest rivalry in the state of KY and one of the oldest in all the country, prior to this meeting Manual hadn't recorded a victory against Male since 1988, and very few of the games were even close. Manual beat the Micheal Bush lead team out of shear will. When the game was over the team gathered on the hill of the end zone and sang the fight song, it was pretty awesome.


3. 2003 Manual 37 Trinity 36- This was the first a three game series of incredibly close and outstanding matches between Manual and T, this being the only one to make my list, because Manual won obviously. Manual scores at the end of the game and decides to take a two conversion to avoid overtime and made it. Incredible effort the Manual qb Austin Tiller who made gutsy last second throws the entire evening. A huge win for the team that came into the match 0-2 losing to Danville and Eastern the weeks prior, against the Brian Brohm lead Trinity.


4. 2007 Manual 34 Male 14- Manual had last beaten Male in 2001 and many of the match ups ended last second field goal wins by Male. In this one, played in Papa Johns Stadium, Manual dominated.


5. Being the homer that I am, I couldn't bring myself to put any one of Manual's many close losses that were great games, so in this slot I'll include all of these heartbreaking great football games.

1998 St X 32 Manual 29

2001 St X 26 Manual 20

2001 PRP 22 Manual 19

2002 St X 10 Manual 6

2003 Male 26 Manual 23

2004 Trinity 18 Manual 14

2004 Male 24 Manual 23

2005 Trinity 38 Manual 34

2005 Male 31 Manual 28

2007 St X 21 Manual 14

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1. Trinity/Male 2002 'Nuff Said

2. Trinity/X Part 2 2007 Proof positive that the best team doesn't always win:lol::sssh:;):cool:

The final three in no particular order:

Trinity/Male 2001 The first state championship team that I supported

Southern/DeSales 1977 From my high school days. Huge crowd at Southern for the district championship game. Southern wins when a last second field goal is no good.

Southern/X 1982 A win by Southern gives the Trojans three straight over X. At that time the only public school to have achieved that feat. Southern had a great team for a few years benefitting greatly from the closing of Durrett and Thomas Jefferson. During that span they beat X regularly and in 82 they beat Trinity in the stat semi-finals before falling to Christian COunty in the championship.

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1. 1988 Trinity vs. Boone, State Semifinal 24-17 OT

Sophomore Ricky Boeckman kicks a long field goal to force OT. Chris Bratcher tackles I believe Alford on the one yard line on 4th and goal in OT. The Rocks go on to capture Title #9.


2. 2005 Trinity vs. X, State Championship 14-6

Riding a 26 game winning streak and coming off of a 48-16 shellacking of the Rocks in the regular season, defending state champion X falls to the huge underdog Rocks. Parties were cancelled all over Kentuckiana after that fateful night in December 2005. The Rocks capture Title #16.


3. 2002 Trinity vs. Male, State Championship 59-56

Bush vs Brohm in what many National writers have called the greatest high school game ever. The Rocks capture Title #14.


4. 2002 Trinity vs. Elder 44-20

Rocks throttle the mighty Panthers from Cincinnatti, earning much needed respect for all of the Commonwealth's teams. Elder goes on to win the Ohio Division I title that year and the following year. Based laregly off this win, Trinity finishes 4th in the nation. The Rocks go on to capture Title #14.


5. 2006 Trinity vs. Male, Regional Finals 38-34

Trinity leads most of the game but found itself trailing 34-24 with 6 minutes to go. The Rocks score 14 unanswered to end the game. The Rocks tackle Male on the 1 yard line as time expires. The Rocks go on to capture Title #17.

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Not all Kentucky games but here is my list



1 Trinty 59 Male 56- Enuff Said.


2 1987? Elder 48 Western Hills 47 3 OT at the PIT. A 45 minute delay for an ambulance for an injured player onfield on the Elder TD run gave the Elder coach ( Tom Grippa) time to decide to go for 2 instead of kicking the extra point. With win or loss depending on the outcome, Elder calls a naked bootleg and the Elder QB beat the West High DB to the pylon.


3. Trinity 35 St X 28. Emotional roller coaster goes from son scoring TD for X to son's best friend ending game in OT for T. Still, a tremendously entertaining game for all.


4. 2006 Male 28 St Xavier 27 - Rally by Tigers fall short in the Mud at Last regular season game at Manual Stadium on a missed PAT. Male's QB evaded sacks and sat back for seemingly minutes in and out of the pocket. Vicor Anderson's last game at Manual.


5. 1978 Moeller 23 Elder 19- Nippert Stadium. Elder roared back from a 14-0 deficit to lead 19-14 until MIghty Moe closed the door in the fourth quarter. Elder return of a Kick off created the largest noise of any game I've ever seen.



Other great games-


2002 CSAA 8th grade Mt Carmel 12 St Martha 6

Overtime game under the lights ranks as one of the best. Rocks avenge in Toy Bowl.


2005 CSAA Toy Bowl 6th Grade St Martha 20 St Albert 14 Pass from St Albert

QB to WR is caught at goal line on sideline to end game. Crowd of people around the field and sideline official prevented PA announcer to see to see if call was a Touchdown or out of bounds or inbounds short of TD or dropped catch.


Best college Game Witnessed: 2002 Ohio State 31 Miami 24 OT Fiesta Bowl - National Championship


Best Game nobody will ever remember except those on the field-

Fern Creek Pee Wees 12 Middletown Pee Wees 6

7 Overtimes.

Regulation Score 0-0

1st Overtime 0-0

2nd Overtime 0-0

3rd Overtime 0-0

4th Overtime 0-0


Consensus to move the starting spot to the 5 yard yard

5th Overtime 6-6

6th Overtime 6-6

7th Overtime 12-6

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Mason County hasn't had the tradition or the success from the standpoint of championships that some others have. That being said, here are my favorites (win or lose) I've seen involving the Royals.


1. 11/14/03 - Mason County 21, Rockcastle County 19; 2nd round of AAA playoffs

2. 11/21/04 - Mason County 44, Ashland 21; 3rd round of AAA playoffs (Grutza with 6 TDs, I think)

3. 11/04/2005 - Mason County 19, Rockcastle County 20. The game was about 15 seconds too short for the Royals

4. 11/28/04 - Mason County 14, Highlands 21. Trip to the state championship game on the line. BOY WAS IT COLD...

5. 10/19/07 - Mason County 26, Russell 27 (OT). Royals go for 2 and come up short in OT with home field advantage in the playoffs up for grabs.

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I will count on the newer Boyle fans to pick a top five from the streak so I will stay away from those and go Old School.


1. 1979: Boyle 28 Danville 22. Rebels score on 35 yard pass on last play of the game to win and finish 9-1. The lead changed hands 3 times in the final 5 minutes.


2. 1982: Boyle 28 Somerset 27. Rebels use big plays on Special Teams and passing attack to offset a talented show by Somerset's offense that put up about 450 yards. Somerset scored with :23 left and decided to go for 2. They were stopped short and Boyle beat what many considered the best AA team that year in the state and laid claim to the District Title.


3. 1977: Boyle 14 Danville 7. Boyle had to win to claim a District Title by the old Dickinson points system. Danville was ranked #1 in AAA going into this final game of the regular season and led by All-American Chris Jones. The Rebels scored in the middle of the 4th Quarter to take the lead then held Jones and company out of the end zone in the last minute to claim the upset.


4. 1976: Boyle 20 Harrodsburg 14. Harrodsburg had one of their most talented teams led by Henry and Gus Parks as well as Venus Meaux. (Nicky Yeast was hurt and out for the season) The #1 ranked Pioneers were held in check a lot of the game but on practically the final play, Boyle used the "hook and lateral" play to score the winning TD.


5. 1976: Boyle 28 Henry Clay 27. Rebels played Devils in the old CKC Bowl and kept them out of the End Zone when they went for 2 and the win in the last minute or so of the game .

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1. Danville vs. Boyle Co in 2002; the streak ends....

2. Danville vs. Newport Catholic, state finals 2001

3. Danville vs. Highlands 2003; what an atmosphere...

4. Danville vs. Bardstown, regional finals 2000

5. Danville vs. Louisville Holy Cross 2003




Here's some Old School ones I thought of:


1. 1987: Danville 24 Mayfield 23 in OT. AA State title game. Mayfield came back from a 17-7 deficit to tie the score and send it to OT. There Danville scored first. Mayfield quickly followed and David Walker blocked the EP to win the state title for the Ads. First in a long line of post season meetings between the two.


2. 1986: Danville 35 Highlands 34 in 2 OT. If I recall Highlands was unbeaten and maybe ranked #1 in the Regional Finals. A real nail biter highlighted by a power outage if I remember right.


3. 1980: Woodford County 20 Danville 14 in OT. It was Duffy's first year and Danville peaked in this run at the end. Woodford finished unbeaten in the season and claimed the District on this one. The Ads were stopped inches short on the tying TD. By the end of the year Danville was playing as well as anyone.


4. 1976: Danville 21 Boyle 14. Both teams entered the season finale with only one loss each. The Ads used a late punt return by Chris Jones to score the winning points. Great game by both teams.


5. 1989: Danville 7 Mayfield 3. Class AA final. Great game if you liked defense and hitting. Both teams had great stands (None greater than one by Danville that stopped Mayfield at the one). Ads won the game on a 60 yard run by Donnie Redd when he was moved from QB to HB.

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