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BluegrassPreps.com 2nd Region Week 2 Review and Rankings:

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With the tragic tornado effecting several counties in the 2nd region, these ranking seem very insignificant. As they say ''the show must go on.'' This will be short and sweet this week.

#1 (4-1) Madisonville only game win vs  Dawson Springs.

#2 (3-1) Lyon Co. beat Trigg Co. fairly easy

#3 (4-1) Webster Co. win over previous #3 Hopkisville

#4 (3-1) Henderson Co. win over UHA

#5 (2-2) Hopkins Central with other teams losing they get bumped up. Not sure when they will play again.

#6 (3-2) Trigg Co. beat Caldwell by 5 and lost to Lyon.

#7 (3-2) Union Co. lost to Calloway, but seems legit.

#8 (1-3) Christian Co. lost to Bowling Green by 2 there play seems to be trending up.

#9 Caldwell Co. (2-2) lost to Trigg by 5

#10 (1-2) Hoptown lost to Webster and Barren Co. this team is hard to figure out.

#10 (1-4) UHA lost to Henderson and Murray, they need more wins to get ranked any lower.

#11 (1-6) Dawson Springs Just pray for this community, not sure when they will play again.

#12 (2-2) Crittenden Co. the even record gives them the 12 over the remaining two.

#13 (1-4) Livingston Central 

#14 (1-6) Ft. Campbell

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