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KY teams in post-season Middle/Youth Tourneys

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Would love to see you post your non-state tourney results!

To start with this one - of interest because it brought together many of the best (not all, mind you) 7th grade players in NKY. With a core of kids from the Conner feeders, they came together as the NKY Cougars. Six programs and nine schools in all were represented as they won their bracket at the Battle in Rocky Top tournament in the 7th Grade Restricted Division (no skill player above 150 lbs.) by a combined score of 86-0. Lots of names to watch on this team heading into high school!

As a warm up, Highlands 7th and NKY Cougars 7th played a live scrimmage on November 14. 

NKY Cougars 38 | Highlands Bluebirds 6

Battle in Rocky Top results were similar as the NKY Cougars proved to be dominant.

NKY Cougars 28 | Southern Hitmen (TN) 0

NKY Cougars 26 | East Tennessee Villains (TN) 0

NKY Cougars 30 | Christian Brothers Falcons (LA) 0

Roster (Name | Program | Positions)

Caleb Arrasmith | Beechwood Tigers (WR, CB, QB)

Dawson Bell | Conner Cougars (OL, DL)

Mason Buckler | Conner Cougars (S, WR)

Xavier Collins | Union Raiders (CB, WR)

Kyle Collins | Summit View Academy Royals (OT, OG)

Aydin Depenbrock | Conner Cougars (DE, TE)

Tyler Fryman | Beechwood Tigers (TB, LB)

Malik Johnson | Boone County Rebels (DT)

Kannon Lawson | Conner Cougars (TE, LB)

Jonny Lind | Covington Catholic Colonels (DE)

Scotty Lozier | Conner Cougars (C, DT)

Nolan Nipper | Conner Cougars (WR, S, QB)

Emmett Queen | Covington Catholic Colonels (QB)

Bradley Roaden | Summit View Academy Royals (LB, TB, FB)

Landon Robinson | Conner Cougars (OG, OT, DT)

Kyle Shaw | Conner Cougars (C, DT)

Jagger Sheanshang | Conner Cougars (LB, DT)

Vandon Smith | Conner Cougars (DT, OG)

Hudson Stephens | Union Raiders (TB, FB, LB)

George Unkraut | Covington Catholic Colonels (DT, OG)




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