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16th Region Week 3 Review

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Bluegrasspreps.com 16th Region Week 3


Week 3 was a rough week for 16th region teams with 6 of the 16 teams not playing a game due to COVID.  Several others that did play had lost games are just trying to get a sense on momentum going.


1)      Ashland (Week 1-0    Season 5-1)                              Last week #1

Ashland was able to get a home win this week before getting things suspended because of COVID.  The Tomcats beat a good Robertson County team by 21.


2)      Rowan County (Week 1-1    Season 3-1)                Last week #2

Rowan County was finally able to get back in action this week.  The Vikings flirted with the century mark in a home win against Fleming County, putting 96 points on the board.  The followed this up with a neutral site loss to Somerset.


3)      Boyd County (Week 3-0    Season  7-2)                   Last week #3

Boyd County is one of the few 16th region teams that played a full slate this week.  The Lions had road wins at Lawrence County and Rose Hill before ending the week with a home win against Montgomery County.  The Lions continue to spread the scoring out offensively and are coming together very nicely.


4)      Russell (Week 2-1  Season 6-2)                                  Last week #5

Russell played 3 games on the week thanks to some nimble scheduling.  The Devils had a surprising loss to Augusta (4-2) and wins over Greenup County and Menifee County.  The Devils are undefeated in district play  and was looking towards a key game with Raceland but that game has been postponed.


5)      West Carter (Week 0-0    Season 3-1)                      Last week #6

West Carter has had their schedule beaten up bad by COVID. Their last game was Jan 11 and, as of right now, now scheduled to play again until Jan 29.


6)      East Carter (Week 0-0    Season 2-0)                        Last week #7

East Carter was also hurt by COVID this week.   Their last game was Jan 14.  Their next scheduled game is Jan 29 against West Carter.   The Raiders are leading the award for least games played so far with 2.


7)      Raceland (Week 0-0   Season 3-2)                            Last week #4

Raceland has been on COVID suspension since Jan 14.


😎      Lewis County (Week  2-0    Season 4-2)                  Last week #8

Lewis County went 2 and 0 for this week.  The Lions had a home win against Rose Hill and a road win at Fleming County.  There next scheduled game is Jan 26 at Elliott.


9)      Bath County (Week 0-0    Season 1-2)                     Last week #9

Bath County has been on COVID cancellation policy since Jan 9.


10)  Fleming County (Week  1-2       Season 1-2)          Last week #10

Fleming County shows the ability to score in Coach Biggs’ first game, breaking the century mark and scoring 105.  In their next 2 games of the week they revealed the ability to give up a lot of points, allowing Rowan to score 96 and Lewis to score 86. 


11)  Morgan County (Week  0-0     Season 3-1)            Last week #12

Morgan County has not played since Jan 15.


12)  Elliott County (Week  0-0    Season 0-3)                 Last week #11

Elliott County did not play a game this week. 


13)  Greenup County (Week 0-2    Season 3-5)             Last week #13

Greenup County spent the week on the road. They went 0-2 with losses to Fairview and Russell


14)  Fairview (Week  0-2    Season 1-6)                            Last week #14

Fairview went 0-2 on the week.  The Eagles has a home loss to Greenup County.  They followed that up with a 1 point loss thanks to a buzzer beater from Bluegrass United.


15)  Menifee County (Week  1-2    Season 1-7)            Last week #15

Menifee got in the win column this week, going 1-2.  The Wildcats had a home win over Powell County and road losses to Fleming County and Russell.


16)  Rose Hill (Week   0-2    Season 0-9)                          Last week #16

Rose Hill went 0-2 this week.  The Royals had a road loss to Lewis County and a home loss to Boyd County.

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