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Covington Catholic 1 Highlands 0

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Two questions from me:


1. Did Bradley score the Colonel goal? I've heard conflicting reports.


2. Why didn't Ordonez play in the 1st half tonight?


Thanks. Sounds like it was a great game between very even opponents.


1. No. 7 scored if that helps


2. He was about 20 minutes late from what I have heard. Before anyone jumps on him, the kid has been an impeccable teammate thus far. All the stuff thrown out about him prior to Highlands has not happened. My observation and interaction has been extremely positive.


As for the game, CovCath bossed the field with their possession. #20 was my player of the game. He really owned the middle of the field. I want to also say that I always enjoy the spirit that Wessels brings to each game.


For the Birds, they looked really good in possession in the first half. Gish was causing problems with his runs. As the game progressed they got a little stretched. It was a good game. I expect Highlands to continue to improve and I hope to see this rematch.

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Entertaining game, thought CCH dominated the first half, couple of really good chances, one off the crossbar that came almost straight down. HHS plays very direct/straightline. CCH starting Cback(with good speed) out injured which can be a problem against a direct style opponent but the 4 backs step up nicely. CCH goal was off well timed pass and a very nice finish. CCH bit flat to start the second half but found themselves 8-10 minutes in and finished the game off strong.

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