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6th Region Rankings (Week 4) Holiday Week Edition

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6th Region Rankings (12/25/16) New rankings reflect the Pre-Christmas Holiday tourneys being completed


1) Bullitt East (9-1)- Solid #1 team. BE continued to win while at the KOB although they did suffer their first loss in the semifinals by losing to Trinity by 3, but followed that with a 10 point victory against North Hardin to finish 3rd in the prestigious event that was deeply loaded with very good basketball teams.


2) Pleasure Ridge Park (6-2)- PRP lost the championship game of their own Rumble at the Ridge to out of state Allatoona, GA. They won 2 big margin victories in their other earlier round games. Verdict is still out on how good of a version of this PRP team is, but they have done enough to fill the 2nd spot in the rankings up to now.


3) Fern Creek (6-4)- The Tigers went 1-2 at the KOB and need to be dropped from 2nd in the rankings after losing 2 of 3 games there. After starting 5-0, the challenging schedule has proven to be something the Tigers are not able to overcome. In the KOB they won their first game against then #2 Bowling Green before falling to North Hardin and Evanston Township HS out of IL.


4) North Bullitt (10-1)- North Bullitt has a glossy 10-1 W/L record and is 5-0 in region play. They played in the KOB Overtime showcase team against a nationally first class team in Paul VI, VA which was a huge jump in class for them and resulted in a 50 point loss. That was not the game that stopped a rise in this week's rankings, but rather a 2 point win over Atherton who has a 2-11 record is what stopped a move upward.


5) Valley (9-3)- Valley only lost to an out of state team after winning against Pike County Central & Corbin. They also beat Frankfort. Although not playing a brutal schedule, Valley is learning how to win and could easily be ready to rise in the rankings if they continue to beat teams when region games begin.


6) Doss (7-2)- Doss opened the McCreary Central Holiday Tourney with a win and kept on going to finish with 4 straight victories. They have two losses to 6th region opponents Fern Creek & Butler, but they have also beaten Ballard to show they can compete with anyone in Jefferson County.


7) Butler (4-4)- After back to back road victories against PRP & Doss who are both ranked ahead of Butler, they lost 2 of 3 out at the Oldham County Holiday tournament. The loss to Male was understandable, but the loss to DeSales is a bit more concerning. They also beat Moore at the same event.


8) Iroquois (6-4)- Iroquois is really playing well and if they continue to improve being as young as they are we could expect to see them rise in the rankings. They are 3-3 in regional play


9) Southern (4-4)- Southern went 1-2 playing all out of state teams at a Holiday tourney in Orlando, FL.


10) Western (4-5)- Western did not have a great tourney finish at Hancock County going 1-2, but they did beat DeSales leading up to the holiday break to edge out DeSales for a Top 10 ranking.


11) DeSales (4-4)- DeSales is playing .500 ball as they also are 3-3 in regional play.


12) Moore (2-6)- Way more talent than the record shows. They will not be this low for long.


13) Fairdale (2-7)- They have lost 5 in a row, but those losses were all to very good teams. Nobody except Bullitt East and Fern Creek have played the competition that Fairdale has.


14) Jeffersontown (4-6)- After beginning at 0-5, JTown has quietly won 4 of 5 in their last games.


15) Beth Haven (9-2)- Nice win over Bullitt Central in the 6th region and beating teams they are on equal footing with.


16) Bullitt Central (3-5)- Have now lost 4 in a row and not against powerhouse competition either.


17) Evangel Christian (6-3)- They have won all their games since they lost to Beth Haven by over 25.


18) Holy Cross (3-7)- Went 2-1 at the Butler County Holiday event which helped them get to 3 wins on the season.


19) Whitefield Academy (1-10)- A 2 point win against Louisville Collegiate is all that separates them from a winless season.

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I can buy those rankings for now. I have not seen PRP play to this point, so cannot say if I could put them above FC...( They were a Jeckyl & Hyde scenario at the KOB) Bullitt East seems to be distancing themselves from the pack, having a solid performance at the "King." The middle of the pack will be a rotation of guards every week.

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That indeed is FC's problem, they looked very good beating Bowling Green and then not as good against North Hardin and awful in losing to the IL team out of Evanston Township. The game with Bullitt East and Fern Creek is coming up in early January and should show whether FC can make a serious run to challenge BE or not. It will be at BE and the winner will likely be the #1 seed for the district tourney at season end.

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I didn't see Fern Creek against Bowling Green. But Bowling Green didn't exactly make any memories at KOB. I did see them play in 2 games though. Fern Creek just didn't have an answer defensively for Tony Jackson from North Hardin. What really surprised me though, was the North Hardin press seemed to completely lock them up. You'd think if nothing else, they could break a press. The Evanston team completely dominated Fern Creek. They just plain quit in that game. Really no other way to say it. The players don't seem to communicate or support one another. Could be a rough year for the Creek.

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