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  1. Good assessment, Butler seems to be the frontrunner in arguably the 2nd toughest region in state.
  2. At this point I agree there is the top 3 teams, that are a notch above the rest, and the favorites to represent the 6th. You can take 4 through 9, shake em up, reach in the bag and grab one. Regardless this region will be a true battle to climb out of.
  3. Good win for East especially with two starters out...( Reece Watson & Sean Johnson) Yes Feltner for Collins hit every three down the stretch including one off the backboard. Fort was also a bull down low for Collins... East had 5 players in double digits. But this game was controlled by PG Luke Ezell who dictated the tempo, leading scorer with 23 pts, and which seemed like a countless number of assist...( many in a flashy manner.) A good 2 game response for the Chargers after the Fern Creek debacle.
  4. Agree...The 22nd district will be a dog fight, has to be one of the toughest in the state.
  5. Entering the season my thoughts were that it was Fern Creek and then everyone else. This region has leveled out in a big way...( I would be very challenged to rank this region at present time) I agree that Desales is on the rise, they have an all around solid squad...Then they go down to Southern by 8 pts last night...Go figure? I suppose its just part of the script this year..."May the shuffling continue!"
  6. Real descent in-depth report "coachlee." Quite a challenge trying to rank this region at this particular point...( With the exceprion of FC still has to be the favorite) Looks to be a battle in the 2nd half of the season, as many teams are rising up...Props also for giving Bullitt East PG Luke Ezell his deserved praise, he is a joy to watch!
  7. My thoughts going into this game, is that Fern Creek would simply overpower BE, or atleast sort of glide to a comfy win. But what came to fruition was the one advantage that East has...The most valued player on the court is the point guard! And East has maybe the most underrated PG in the state. Luke Ezell controlled this game when the ball was in his hands, you can see there is a different feel when he has possession. Keep your eye on this kid!
  8. Good perspective this week C Lee! @HoopJunkie...Yes East has lived "NMU" all season, might as well ride it out till the end. Where has this season went?
  9. A drastic change in teams 2 - 7 from the previous week, and there may be not much difference between them. Surprise to see the mentioning of Valley having one of its better players out in a loss, but narley a word when B. East has a loss or two with 3 of its top 6 players out...By the way East just got at least one of its players back for duty.
  10. Totally agree, East is practically missing they're whole front line...( 3 of the top 4 ) The Bryan Station game was just one of those nights, while missing all the bigs, add in they could not throw it in the ocean, and it just avalanched. But to come out the next game still down the same three players and to somewhat handily beat a good CAL team on the road, shows their worth. If East is healthy by district time, then you could put them in the 2 or 3 slot.
  11. Good job as always, kudos to creating a tier level, it adds a little prospective. FC is the team to beat period, they have more than proved themselves to this point. Valley being the only top tier team i have yet to see, looks like teams 2 - 5 can challenge.
  12. Watched them go head to head this year, both are at the top of the class...I will give the edge to Duvall
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