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Rockcastle County/Lincoln County Updates

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At two points in the first quarter, Lincoln County led by 8 points...8-0 and 10-2. There have been 2 ties and 1 lead change.


Scoring totals for the first half:


Lincoln County

Pitts 6

Jones 5

Martin 4

Henderson 2

Nokes 2


Rockcastle County

Rowe 7

Asher 6

A. Lunsford 6

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Rockcastle County simply can't rebound so far this quarter...LC had 3 rebounds on one trip.


Rockcastle County is also passing the ball too much and not taking it to the hole when they should.


Lincoln County is being much more aggressive than Rockcastle County with their man-to-man full court press.


One free throw is made by Lincoln County...Ashley Lunsford then gets an outlet pass and finishes the play with a layup...LC 22 RC 21.

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THREE POINTER by Rockcastle County's seventh grade sensation Sara Hammond...Lincoln County then comes down and hits a short jumper...RC 24 LC 24.


Foul on LC's Nokes...it's her third of the game...Ashley Lunsford at the foul line or two...she makes 1...RC 25 LC 24.

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