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Caverna job?

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They've actually got some talent & their facilities (stadium and field, not sure about their weight room) aren't that bad. I'd say run of the mill Class A type.


I know basketball wise, they are always competitive in the 5th region..usually hovering around .500 most years with every other year trips to the 5th region tourney. They were Runner Ups I think in '96, and won the 5th back in 2005 (maybe 2004). Granted, that came with the aided help of 6'9 foreign exchange student Boris Siakem (SP?) who went onto have a good little career playing ball at WKU.


Potentially, Caverna IMO could be somewhere between a Fulton City/County and a Russellville.


As for the location, Caverna has a unique set up. They feed from two towns, Horse Cave (which is in Hart County) and Cave City (in Barren); two towns that sit right alone Hwy 31E and just off I-65. You are about 30 mins from Bowling Green with both (Cave City being closer), and Glasgow with as most know is a very nice town sitting about 10 miles from the school. As a matter of fact, I know some who have worked at Caverna in the past who lived literally a mile or two North of Glasgow Country Club, yet had a Cave City address.


...it's off the beaten path, but its not..if that makes sense?


Financially is where they are hurting. I don't think they actually have a board and/or school allotted budget; everything their football program runs off of is funraised.


For what it's worth, I've always felt like Class A and 6A are the classes to be in. Not as much disparity throughout like there is in 2A-5A. Most all are very similar to one another.


...so you are at a Class A school with 25 kids (+/- a couple), so what; so does most everybody else you have to compete against.

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Very athletic, just needs consistency in the program. Someone that has been around awhile understands the work that is necessary to get this program off the ground. They are about 6 or 7 Hart County kids, and 4 or 5 Barren County kids from being a team that could compete year in and out. It has not been that long ago when Weaver had a winner there. He just did not have the needed feeder system at the time under him to keep the ball rolling.

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