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  1. So would a regional title this year be more satisfying to the Winchester community and Coach Humphrey than last year? And, does this season solve any question as to who the best coach in the 10th region is?
  2. 44-38 is a big difference in foul shots? Can't wait to hear Drury talk after playing the road game.
  3. So Harrison blows a 20pt lead to the region runner-up, plays the regional champion closer than anyone in postseason, returns everything, and they hardly get a sniff of a chance on this thread to win the region? I'd say Coach Reitz is looking for one last run with this group.
  4. I've seen that ref that was at the table before on 16th region games. Where did he transfer to?
  5. It was unfortunate Tates Creek lost on that play, but they did have the ball with plenty of time and missed two shots. I'm sure that is how Breeden would answer. Classy guy. What would be going on now if this happened to Madison Central instead???
  6. Setting up for another great final. Royals looked to be in top form. And just remember they played Clark awfully close a month ago when they weren't playing near as well. As highly rated as Clark is it is still a toss up game until this group proves they can win at Mason in the postseason.
  7. Commodores were focused as expected. Breeden's best team will be waiting on tonight's Scott County-Lexington Catholic winner for what should be a great final.
  8. They get toughest first round. Then have to prob beat a team that beat them already just to get a crack at Clark.
  9. Obviously the best draw for fans and Cards. Worst draw possible for Royals.
  10. Thanks for the exact stats. Should pretty much quiet up all the everyone against the Cards mentality.
  11. As much as I love your posts, do we have to reference last year's region tournament in almost every single game thread? Cards were in control from the beginning. Good lesson to learn adjusting to the whistles. For once this year in postseason they won't see familiar faces and need to adjust if they plan on hanging any banner.
  12. Wasn't he in the Franklin Co regional game? If so no wonder Franklin Co doesn't like him.
  13. Is it time for Mason Co to move in a different direction?
  14. As expected Mustang you said it better than anyone else could.
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