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  1. 9th Region: since about 1975. PG- Dicky Beal, best player ever in the 9th region, that's why he went to UK. SG- Scott Draud, best scorer in the ninth region ever. SF-Doug Scholmer, Mr. Basketball, was the best player THAT YEAR on the best team the ninth region has seen. PF- Justin Doleman- The definition of a matchup problem, I believe he was better than Neltner. C- Jack Jennings- May be a homer pick on my part but I will take 28 and 15 every night of the week. Reserves Ross Neltner- Great Player, Mr. Basketball, wasn't quite the playmaker Doleman was and that why he is not the starter. Ronny Dawn- Scott Draud but not as good, but he can play on my team. Joe Harney- Great scorer inside and out, more athletic than he was given credit for. Derek Smith- Probably would be higher had he not been the football star he was. Great high school player, won 3 regional titles and runner-up for Mr. Basketball. Kevin Listerman- At the chance Dicky Beal ever needed to come out for a breather, that is who I would like the offense.
  2. Same way the neighbors feels at Holmes, Ludlow, Scott, Conner, Dayton, and Bellevue.
  3. You guys know I am a Holmes guy, but I wouldn't do it. Quite simple this is part of the Cov. Cath. mistique.
  4. Elijah Pittman will be a sophmore for Holmes. He played quite a bit this year during the time when a lot of players were suspended.
  5. No that was Antwan Curry, who played at Muskingum(sp.) College, they are not related. Covington was voted Holmes MVP the past two years, and could be a stud at the DII level.
  6. This situation is in no way racially motivated. The young man messed up. The people of Covington want to see Duran succeed, along with Austin and Greg. This former coach however has used this situation for his 15 minutes.
  7. I never said it was the victim's fault, but I stand by my earlier post.
  8. May take a beating on here for this but this years Holmes team would have been a good pick, depending on what you want in a movie.
  9. Around town the speculation that this " coach, teacher "is a basketcase who is looking to get his 15 minutes of fame
  10. As a graduate of Holmes High School, this breaks my heart
  11. Pretty good list. However, Jim Hicks and his staff at Conner are very good as well, talk about a tough tourney program, seems like every year they beat someone they shouldn't.
  12. His name was Wesley Collins, he lived in Covington, went to Cov. Cath. for 3 years, transferred to Boone Co, was ruled ineligible because he lived in Covington, transferred to Holmes and was still ruled ineligible.
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