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  1. Conner will win this game. They play alot of Juniors as well and many of them started last year and they have matured so much from last year to this year. Conner's defense has really risen to the occasion of late and are playing as a team with alot of speed. Should be a good game but I think Conner takes this one 28-21.
  2. Well might as well as get this cross county rivalry thread started. Who do you pick for this cruncher? Having played at Boone and now having a son at Conner, it makes this a hard pick for me to say but I will take Conner in a slugfest.:fight:
  3. We were/are not a state run combine. We are an independantly run combine and that was one of the things college coaches liked. We did not have any ties. The NATS combines are not the Nike combines. The NATS combines were a good idea set up by the college coaches to standardize the testing for all combines but there have been problems in the way they were run on a national basis, in my opinion.
  4. Having help a run a combine for the last 4 years, there have been many changes over the years. One that has hurt many combines including ours in the Cincinnati area is that the college coaches have gone with the NATS combines and these currently are the only ones they can attend. This is being revisited at their national meeting in January. We looked at becoming part of the NATS program but not like what we saw. It seemed to be more of a money maker for a few national people and they would not say they would turn a certain percentage back to the local high school coach's associations. We will look at this situation after the national coach's meeting in January and I will keep you updated. The college coaches who attended our combine liked what they saw and talked to many of the athletes and high school coaches.
  5. This should be on the front page right before the game starts!
  6. This game will be webcast by WKRC-TV at http://www.local12.com. Let any out of town alumni or anyone unable to attend that they can see this live via this webcast!
  7. I heard a rumor that some of the money for the new turf field came from an NFL player who was snubbed by the superintendent of the Boone County Schools. Any truth to that rumor?
  8. Conner plays Cov Cath JV next week at the 10am.
  9. This was an added game and many of the Conner guys had already commited to taking the PSAT and were not there.
  10. that would be Jake Samad....number 45 and the other half of his battery is Gary Hansen at center number 72.
  11. I think they have a very good chance of winning tonight against Dayton Belmont!
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