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  1. Barker in for a TD from the 15 plus 2pt conversion!!! 14-36 COUGARS!
  2. Interception!!! Andrew Way Cougar ball!!!!
  3. Capt. Insano shows no mercy! Hhhhhhaaaaaayyaaaa
  4. Conner is looking at another good year, returning Nick West#10, Austin Pugh#22, Anthony Boden#34, Mike Gill#6, Ryan Delph#14 etc on offense. On defense they still have Eric Champ#2, Huston Dockery#41, Nate Angel#47,Tom Hennessey#60, etc. They will be a strong team to play this year, I look forward to watching.
  5. If you do not include St. X and Trinity, Northern Ky has it in the bag. NKY plays don't stop smash-mouth football where as louisville teams just cruise into the playoffs. NKY is always a fight.
  6. If it is too cold, go home, its football season.
  7. I thought at Conner it was 20 quarters to letter, I may be wrong.
  8. From a Conner fan stand point, i give you a round of applause. Coming from a rough start and coming together as a team to make it as far as the Pioneers have, I sincerely congrat. you all. Good luck next week boys, have a nice ride home tonight!
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