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  1. I'd Like to see Carton and Davenport get about 10-15 carries each. I may be given grief over this, but I honestly believe Carton is the best back on this team if he shows up in shape. That in no way is discounting any of the other kids’ abilities though; Bell has 4 or 5 kids that could be the #1 back on just about any other team in this general area. Carton has the strength to pick up the tough yards that Davenport hasn’t been able to get at some times, and Davenport has that big play speed that Carton doesn’t, a nice mixture of these two, plus the passing game with athletes like Raines and the older Davenport at receiver could lead to some serious headaches for opposing defenses.
  2. Carton will be a load to bring down, can't wait to see him hit the field and get some carries:ylsuper:
  3. I listened on the radio, Cory Davenport, Matt Raines and John Dudley all had a great game. 2 fumbles by JC in the second half, both leading to TD's really seemed to hurt them.
  4. From what I've been told all of the trouble he had been in has been taken care of and cleared up since he was dismissed from the team and he's been staying out of trouble.
  5. From what several players, and others alike have told me over the last few days, RB Dominic Carton has been given his second chance, and has returned to Bell Co. and will be playing ball this season. The players voted him back onto the team, Can't wait to see him out there. Hopefully he makes good on his second chance:ylsuper:
  6. I'm not guessing any kind of score on this one because Bell seems so inconsistent right now. I'll pick them to come out with the win, but not sure on the margin or how impressive they'll look. Possibly getting a certain kid back on the team is gonna help out big time in the long run! I wish I could make the trip to see this one.
  7. :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: Rebel, your my new hero. You Boyle County fans are great haha. VERY NICE applebees there in town by the way, got a chance to stop and eat on the way home from Marion, hope to make the trip back up soon:thumb:
  8. :laugh::lol: I dont know if Bell will be putting 49 up for a few weeks. Their offense still seems a little flat right now, and very inconsistent with some newer guys trying to get the feel of some new positions. I've gotta say though, the passing game looked great against Marion. Ben Madon was putting the ball exactly where it needed to be, where if a play was made only his receivers would be making it. Showed alot of composure to in just taking sacks the last few weeks instead of slingin' it up for anyone who wants it. Defense also seemed as if it was starting to click against Marion besides the 4th quarter meltdown. Unless JC has a running QB, it may be tough for them to move the ball.
  9. The score isnt far off from last weeks. Alcoa is a great squad.
  10. :ohbrother: Let's hope your friend's are wrong and haven't figured out a way to determine the winner before the last second ticks off the clock in the 4th quarter. Haha, just kiddin'. I hope it's a good one if I'm gonna be driving 2 1/2 hours:thumb:
  11. Rockcastle doesn't have much of a passing history. I know Boyle's defense can and will stop the run. Boyle by as many as they want. 56-0.
  12. He was at the Bell-Alcoa game with a few of the Marion Co. kids
  13. I'm picking Bell. They're gonna come out looking to make a statement to the rest of 4A and the rest of the teams they play for the next few weeks. You better beleive the coaches got after these boys, and I'm sure they are more than ready to respond. How long is the drive from Bell County to Marion County? I want to make this trip since its on a Saturday.
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