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  1. You are embarrassing Simon Kenton football and the entire city of Independence. As a former SK player, please stop.
  2. Raider youth is still Stan martin or John Roth, pm me if you want their info. SKY is Simon Kenton Youth, they are closer, Frank Hendricks, I have his email as well.
  3. Great job Pioneers, team has been through alot over the years. Kudos to Figgins in overcoming adversity down the stretch. Good Luck on Friday!
  4. Although, the HS numbers are rising slowly, the interest is improving. However, the number of youth programs and MS programs has risen dramatically over the past 5 years, thus putting more pressure on the HS level. A few years ago, there were 250ish entries at the "Yohuth State Tournament", the next year it doubled, sanctions and bylaws were put in place. Last year, around 750 entries in po dunk eastern KY. I am unsure of the final numbers but I heard the estimated numbers were pushing 1,000.
  5. Start a kids club for all of the area, not just one school at the Elementary level. Then at the MS. Pressure will build. To start a kids club, you can learn everything you need online. Or if you screw it up, someone formally involved in wrestling will let you know and relieve you from your duties. There are people around and the bloodline of a wrestler will come forth. Hope this helps a bit.
  6. Truth to power... There is another forum site dedicated strictly KY wrestling that averages 45 posts a day. That is why. Explanation is simple but will refrain.
  7. OK, look! I mistated what I was trying to say. My apologies for the 2nd time. And yes, I did play sports, HS, College and beyond. I initially blamed football because they are first out of the block when school starts and yes they extend much longer than other fall sports. I love football, wanted to double sport in college, but in DI it was tough enough for one. I know winter sports started early this year or so it seems. They (KHSAA) are the culprits, not the sport. Point taken, and agreed. There is a big overlap in seasons. BTW, I am not a basketball fan.
  8. Don't mean to sound selfish, sorry. Not my intention. Perhaps should have rephrased the thread or put a bit more thought before posting. I am not picking on football but I'd bet that if Football was a winter sport and they were missing their playmakers for the first 2-3 games, I would think that they would have something to say. My point is this, other states manage to mininmize the overlapping of sports. Seems like KY could do it too. That's all. Actually, I should be complaining to the KHSAA. I think they started wrestling earlier this year.
  9. I don't have anything against football, played myself. It's just that they stand out when it comes to fall sports. Point taken about the number of competitions compared to other sports. Wrestling is a winter sport with State ending 3rd weekend of Feb. Getting rid of the bye week in football helps but I have been in favor of pushing wrestling back a few weeks, maybe Jan. 1 and ending the season in the last week. Wrestling is allowed 17 or 18 dates, which could result in 35-55 matches in a season. The winter sports have to remain somewhat in conjunction with boundary states because of in
  10. Has nothing to do with basketball, at least for me. Wrestling season has started. If our football team was fortunate enough to make it to this weekend which they didn't and probably won't for a long time. Add a few days off, then train the body to get into wrestling shape, it's January. It's hard enough to get the linemen out for wrestling because of some brainwashed idea that they should be bulking up and pushing iron instead of wrestling. The season is too long in terms of overlapping into winter sports seasons not in the number of games but how late the season rolls. The elements are not
  11. Is there a reason why KY HS football goes until the Middle of December? Why the bye week? OH has been finished for 2 weeks.
  12. Speed, leverage, that's why Football players should wrestle
  13. "Pioneers rule and the Bulldogs drool Brother". Great job SK. Could be first state title since wrestling in 87. Good Luck!
  14. Both Teams left a lot on the table, but this is the 2nd week in a row that S.K has left 14 - 21 points on the table. We are so predictable. If half of the fans know what you are running 2 downs out of 3 how hard is it for an average defensive coordinator to figure it out. I say 3 plays because we always punt on 4th even if it will only net us 8 yards of field position. One move would make S.K very difficult to defend. Move Chad Lawrence to QB and make Bustle a Slash. This game wouldn't have been close had we kept up the pressure in the 4th instead of playing soft.
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