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  1. Meade lost Thomas Wilson to a broken finger, was in surgery yesterday morning. after he went out I knew we had no chance. Leads team in rushing, passing and points scored, oh and did I mention he also leads MC in tackles and int's this year. Will be tough to win another game this season.
  2. Meade has got to find a way to play more than 14 or 15 kids. We will be able to stay with good teams in the first half but the 4th quarter we are out of gas which has been showed our last two games. Thomas Wilson never came out of the game. He led our team in rushing and tackles. Our O line is our D line. Our offensive backfield is our line backer core ect. We have 60 kids on the sidelines. Our schedule will not get any easier. Good job by the WC coach, he kept up with his game plan knowing that Meade was wearing out. The #8 kid for WC is a good player, if WC had kept going to him I think the game would have been further out of reach. Also WC had the ball first and goal with 2 minutes and took a knee four plays. Good sportsmanship by the WC coaching staff, WC could have scored again if they wanted to.
  3. Meade will be looking to bounce back from the thumping that we got from John Hardin, WC is no slouch though. If Meade does not find a way to play more than 14-15 players, we will be worn down by the last quarter. Should be a good game, I am giving the edge to Meade because of the game being played a Death Valley.
  4. That is unfortunate. He had a great touchdown catch and was in on several tackles. God speed in his healing
  5. What does this have to do with the 2011 season. I bet the 2001 Meade team could beat X , oh thats right they did! Just joking around. Give BG the credit that they deserve. They have been climbing the ladder the last couple of years and are a better team than X this year. X will be where it needs to be at playoff time. Glaser will have them playing for a deep run.
  6. May God bless this family. Prayers from Meade County.
  7. Meade kept it close for a half, Then John took it to them in the 2nd. Too big, too fast, and too talented for the 14 or 15 players that Meade played all night.
  8. Meade has been playing good football this year so far, but they have not faced a team like John Hardin. Meade will have to play an almost perfect game to win this one. John has size, speed, and skilled players in the right positions. John should win this game by at least two touchdowns. Meade plays with alot of heart and has probably one of the best two or three QBs in the state in Thomas Wilson. Will it be enough? We will have to waite see Friday. This should be a great game. My head says John Hardin by 14. My heart says Meade by 2.
  9. I have seen every game he has played since his freshman year, and I would have to agree.
  10. Meade was up 17-14 at half. Made ajustments and kept Greenwood scoreless for the 2nd half. Meade had 543 total offefensive yards with 298 of those rushing. Greenwood was held to 4 first downs in the 2nd half. Good win for Meade but the toughest test will be next week against a real good John Hardin team.
  11. Meade has skilled players at the playmaker spots with senior leadrership at most skilled positions. We will have to put some inexperience on both lines. If the Wave's line can step up and be productive, Meade could have a special run this year. Keep an eye on QB Thomas Wilson, RB Max Cundiff, and a talented crop of receivers led by Bo Wilson to lead the offense. On D we have expierience at LB, and in the backfield. Our line will be tested. Coach Mofield is a Lineman coach and i think we will be a little wet behind the ears earley,but by the time distric play begins I think the wave will be vying for another championship and a decent run into the playoffs.
  12. Ok , 3 min. to go in game and it is 4th down. should we kick the field goal? or should we try to run it in when we failed to do so on the 3 previous plays. 2nd Lafayette scores in OT and makes their PAT. Meade scores in OT and tries to run it in after four consecutive stops just 5 mins. earlier. Meades kicker has made 26-27 in a role on the pats. If he could have kicked either 12 yard field goals the game may have had a different outcome. I am not taking anything away from Lafayette, the kids played good. Meades kids also played good. I just think with some smarter coaching dicisions the outcome could have been different.
  13. Let me sum it up, Meade was out coached.. Great game by both teams!
  14. Liverman had 380 yards and it could have been even more, he had a 70 yarder and a 55 yarder called back due to holding penalties.
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