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  1. Lets be honost trinity and x are not rolling out ultra talented kids every year. How many division 1 players have they produced during the past two seasons? Henry Clay has had more pure talent than either the past two years, and will probably have more this upcoming year. The two l'ville schools are sound in every aspect of the game and that is why they win.
  2. The minnifields have a nice father son combo.
  3. Minnifields dunk over Shelvin Mack was nasty.
  4. If Minnifield doesn't get hurt in the 1st quarter, I think this game has a different outcome.
  5. This will be Minnifields first game back since football season ended.
  6. Granted Bryan Station will probably be moving up to 6A soon....but should they be over looked. Station has the potential to produce more talent than any other school in the state. That has been proven throughout the schools history. Probably not next year, but I would say that very soon they could run class 5A if they stay there long enough.
  7. Minnifield had 312 yards all-purpose, to close out a great career at Henry Clay. I wish him the best!!!
  8. I may be wrong, but I know the last and maybe the only time it was ever pulled off was by Clark Co in 1991 with Marty Joice at the helm.
  9. yea trinity did whip us last year...hc went to the semifinals for the first time in awhile and got overwhelmed in it all. This hc team has the experience from last year and completely different players. The oline, dline, qb, rb and lbs are all different ppl this year. If or when they play in the semi's again, i guarentee the outcome will be different. As for clark co...devils roll!
  10. Maybe so, but lafayette isn't 21-3 the past two seasons.
  11. yea I know Henry Clay gives up some points, but they score alot also. There also 9-0 against some pretty stiff competition. There the only undefeated team in the top 10, how are they not higher than #6? There is no possible way that Highlands and Covington Catholic are better football teams. I guess they get bonus points for being smaller schools and having more recent championships.
  12. Very good observation...the 1999 Henry Clay team was stacked until injuries hit. Shane Boyd(Kentucky) missed a few games and played hurt in the playoffs. Zia Combs(Michigan) tore his knee up in the last regular season game and missed the playoffs. There were other players that also played hurt, but it is football and sometimes you have to play hurt. Losing Zia would hurt any team tremendously.
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