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  1. Well I know Jimmy from Piqua and he is close to the program and he confirmed Macke is leaving
  2. Have to disagree with this my friend. Actually both teams have a lot to lose in this game. Too many to list, but trust me, lasting effects come from losing this game. It trickles through the program for starters. IMO, this is a must win for Highlands. The tide needs to change or this could become a tidal wave that takes years to recover. Ask CovCath during the DM years. With that said, if Highlands can get any type of offense going, it will be a great game because Highlands D is playing at a very high level. Just sayin! #beatcolonels
  3. Is it really that important for people to hear that their boys are good or not. I mean c’mon, it’s Highlands/CCH. Both these programs have very good teams this year. The best coached team will win Friday night. Its up to the coaches to put the players in a the right position to win. There were times in the past where Highlands won because of how the kids were prepared and put in a position to succeed. Last couple years hasn’t been like that at Highlands. This year is different. Yeah kids are good, but coaches are doing a better job. It’s like they got a new way of doing things before the season started. Let’s hope all the coaches are on the same page of what needs to happen Friday night to beat CCH. You play your best! Period! Got to score to win! #beatcolonels
  4. For some reason, it takes forever to select these teams. Kentucky Golf Coach Association
  5. Wow! 1/10 on 3rd down. The ball starting 5 yards deep every time in those situations will do that. Coaches have to do a better job. They have to put the kids in a spot to succeed. You owe it to them. Unexceptable! I know the defense will be ready to play next week. Question is, will the O.
  6. Yeah that was one of many for that fella. Hey, We saw what we saw and for the people from outside looking in are probably saying stop whining, at the end of the day Birds won. Blueboys next week!!!
  7. Unless SK has come leaps and bounds since the Highlands game, and I mean leaps and bounds, they will not beat Scott County.
  8. Lol that’s about par for course for this game. Them 5 needed help for sure.
  9. That should do it Anderson fumbled, Highlands ball And now Anderson showing their class with cheap shot NOCE
  10. Why aren’t we running the clock before they snap.Horrible And we fumble
  11. Another horrible 3rd downnolay call. OC just doesn’t get it
  12. Another 3 and short and the OC continues to call a ply that starts 5 yards in backfield. Another stop for Anderson. Coach, that play isn’t working when it’s 3 and short and you start 5 yards deep
  13. Yes 3 rd Q Anderson 10 Highlands 7 Highlands couldn’t be playing any worse and that includes coaching.
  14. I have never complained about refs. Just don’t do it. But something is up with this game.
  15. Not sure if already commented on, but does anyone know why Joe Buten isn’t playing?
  16. I read in another thread about classification. Also read some comments elsewhere that "some" feel or use the "size" of a school as an excuse to losing. Please, you get to State because you are a premier program. Please don't use school size as an excuse. Great job Birds and congrats to St X.
  17. Whoa! Seriously. I mean, I’m sorry but this is not a good look for Ryle!
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