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  1. Cincy X vs Lou X live stream at livesportscaster.com or go to saintx.com live streaming. Pregame starts at 7:05.
  2. Cincy X vs Lou X live stream at livesportscaster.com or go to saintx.com live streaming. Pregame starts at 7:05.
  3. St. X radio will be broadcasting on 790 am and streaming on Iheart radio. They are the second semifinal game approximately 7:45. Ballard and Central game time is at 6.
  4. Smock plays Offensive Guard and also some Nose Tackle. He is 6'4 290 lbs and is very athletic. Coach Wolford posted video on twitter of Smock in springboard diving meet last year. Also, just received another offer from Vanderbilt.
  5. Also, you can watch the game live at Livesportscaster.com or saintx.com go to Athletics and then to broadcasts. St.X radio with video LIVE.
  6. Watch St. X vs Male game LIVE at LiveSportscaster.com pregame starts Friday at 7:05. Should be great a game!
  7. Watch St. X vs Male game LIVE at LiveSportscaster.com pregame starts at 7:05. Should be great a game!
  8. St X radio broadcast Iheart radio 790am WKRD also Des Ridder ran for 200 yds at Central in the rain
  9. Very, very sad!!!! Mrs. PH many prayers to you my friend.:cry:
  10. I haven't been able to be on BGP much because of work. I have to admit I didn't want to read BGP this week because I knew I would see this thread. I knew it would then make me realize that our Birdsfan is really gone from this earth. I am going to post some random thoughts as I know Dave is looking down from heaven laughing at me (he had told me many times that he got a kick out of my random thoughts/posts.) So here's to you Dave/Birdsfan! - I met Dave on here almost 10 years ago. As many of eloquently posted Dave was and still is one of a kind!! - I met Dave couple times in the past when Rockmom and me made trips to the NKY. Dave was even more awesome in person. He was kind, caring, funny and so whitty! - I remember early on Birdsfan and Rockmom would review some of my posts to make sure I sounded/posted like a guy. We had so many laughs from this. - I loved Dave's ability to tell a story! He spoke in a way that you felt like you were right there with him. - I loved giving him crap about almost running over my son with his wheelchair (scooter) at a football game. - I loved that he appreciated my need to use the word "crap" and my obsession with tasers. - I love that every time I see a squirrel now, I think of Dave. - I loved his passion for life, people and trying to always be the best he could be. Like others have stated in this thread Dave also helped me through some very rough times. Especially three years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer. He would send cards, texts and calls to show his support. He like several others of you on here were amazing. I only hope that it is known how much that was appreciated!! I know our friend is in peace and a much better place but Dave you will be missed!! Thank you for allowing me to be your friend!!! Rest in peace! Most importantly...I want to give many thoughts and prayers to his family and dear friends. I am so sorry for your loss!
  11. Many prayers to this young man!!
  12. Sorry, I have been away for a while and just saw this. Many prayers to you and your family.
  13. I am still at a loss for words in all this. :down: BF you are so awesome and needed in this world. Fight like hell my friend!!
  14. I am very sorry to hear this. Many, many prayers to her, you and your family.
  15. Watusi is FAB!! :ylsuper::ylsuper::ylsuper:
  16. Probably on the bridge!! :lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2:
  17. Random but honest thoughts.... I don't really want to say congrats to Male! LoL!! But since they won..I will. Congrats. I was not at the game but listened to it on the radio (boy was that painful.) Sounded like an all around bad game especially on offense. Unfortunately losing is a part of life. T seniors keep your heads up. You played one of the toughest schedules in school history. Carry on!!
  18. Some on here beat topics to death everyday. So let the beating continue on this topic! :lol2:
  19. Does seem to be a regular problem with a few of the DB's. The defense as a whole has seemed to have struggled this year.
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