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  1. Where are some of these schools that need to be closed?
  2. What would the race be like if the ticket read: McCain/Biden vs. O'Bama/Palin McCain/Biden in a landslide
  3. Not an Obama fan, far from it but the one change is a black man will be the leader of the free world. What change will that bring to the perception and beliefs to the rest of the world? Regardless, that is perhaps the most significant change. Another change and probably most frustrating to many in Republican leadership is the youth movement in the 18 to 25 crowd. They may not and probably will not vote but their involvement is unprecedented in recent history. His actual changes politically, probably not much. But then again what did Clinton and Bush really change in the past 16 years?
  4. The white stripe on the shirt does NOT make me look like Free Willie!
  5. It would have been a more professional to acknowledge those who actually got it done! Not one mention of the superitendent but someone who had nothing to do with it puts his own name in this "press release" several times. Glad the coattails are long enough to ride on!:lol:
  6. No hospitality rooms? What are some of the 10th region regulars going to do?
  7. But will go ahead and accept it in the meantime?! Perhaps a better approach to having the arguement made vs. sound bite points? It just sounds so easy to say "for vouchers/for choice" instead of addressing the very issues and problems presented. Something the Republican proposal(s) have never addressed.
  8. I do not accept or buy into your stereotype propositions. I know some extremely wealthy people who send their children to public schools. I know many middle and lower class who send their children to private schools. By the way, not all private schools have a religion class. I guess you never heard of private, military schools. You also hold onto some point of a firing over a sport vs. a teacher. Like that could not be a major lawsuit if that actually happened. As with all things called a teacher firing, there is always more to the story the teacher does not always tell, like the truth.
  9. Vouchers for Kentucky. Question to this premise, would the dollar amount be what the state provides to the local school district? If so, how would that work given the difference of what Jefferson County gets vs. Cumberland? Would you also suggest a local generated tax would have to be voucher qualified as well?
  10. Quite a bit of this compliments of Conservative Republican leadership I might add.
  11. I find your point of view to be in conflict. On one hand you say if you had vouchers, you would use it. On the other, you defend the very thing that really separates private and public education. All private teachers are held to the standard each year. They fail it, they are fired yet you support their approach?! As for playing time in a sports field I am sure you can point to some malcontent teacher who would make that story to be true and teachers must be protected by it. Why? No one has job protection anymore and I do not think anyone should be entitled to it. Unfair firings, help me understand what a fair firing is. There is a private school teacher who by all accounts did an outstanding job for over 20 years. This past year, she was fired. I really did not have much empathy for the teacher. What she did was wrong. There is nothing wrong in being held and it always seems to be a better result when people have something to lose if they do not do a good job. Unions, I am sure the great unions of the past are nothing like the evolution of what these organizations are today.
  12. Public Education is a constitutional requirement set forth in each state. As to how to improve it, simply remove tenure.
  13. Sounds like Campbell may be on the verge of a major year. Great job Coach Styer.
  14. I am sure the Camel leadership is just waiting for the opportunities to accomidate the desires of the Ft. Thomas program.:sleep: I think it was the Highlands program that stiffed armed the Camels schedule in years past - twice. No need to go down that road for a third time for quite awhile.
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