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  1. If Whithrow's on the mound for GRC, I'm going with GRC.
  2. Nope, my son plays there, just finished his freshman year. Capital is in Columbus, OH DIII known more for academics than baseball, but getting a great education while still getting to play the sport he loves!!! Good luck with KBS, love keeping up with local kids doing well! Keep me up to date on the website.
  3. Congrats to these young men!! Is there a link to KBS? Tried to goggle it but found nothing associated with baseball.
  4. Wow! Harrison has been ruled in back to back nights. When was the last time this has happened. I've followed the 10th region pretty close over the past years and I can never remember this happening. I'm sure Coach Mac will right the ship before District, but their last two losses have really surprised me.
  5. KHSAA website shows that GRC to host the 10th region tournament for 2010-2011. But, they also show Harrison as hosting last year and it was at Scott High. So, still not a 100% sure.
  6. If the tie breaker goes by runs allowed it breaks down like this: BC has allowed 15 runs in distri t play with one game to play against GRC. GRC has allowed 27 runs with one game to play with BC MC has allowed 35 with all their district games complete. If this is the case BC should play Paris and MC will play GRC Is Withrow hurt for GRC? I'm surprised he didn't get the start in this game. That would have been a good match up between he and Mullins. Two of the best pitchers in the 40th.
  7. Does anyone have any details on this game? Who pitched for both teams? I know these two team play each other one more time and if BC wins that game they get the one seed in the 40th district tournament, but it GRC wins the next game who gets the one seed?
  8. No reason. I knew Coach Murph had passed away and hadn't heard who their new coach was. Was Coach McEldowney an asst to Coach Murph? Thanks for the reply
  9. Wall11 I seen in an earlier post you are from Mason Co. Who is their new coach?
  10. Montgomery Co. returns three pitchers other than Lee that threw in more than 20 plus innings. So I wouldn't say there is no experience. Hobie Hall threw the second most innings for MC last year. 44 innings , 2 more than senior Potter and 5 less than senior Trey Combs. Ben Gully threw 25 innings, fourth most on last years team. Zach Curtis threw 22 innings, fifth most on last years team. Sam Lee only threw 1 inning last year for MC. Now don't get me wrong by that statement, Lee can pitch and he does have plenty of experience, just not in the high school season, base runners beware!!!!. Lee will be one of the best outfielders and hitters (.436 as a freshman) in the 10th for the next three years, along with McQueary from GRC (love the kids approach at the plate). If the kids mentioned above can work ahead in the count and reduce their BB MC will be OK in the pitching department.
  11. Did anyone notice the match zone MC was playing at times during this game. I hadn't seen them play it before and thought this confused GRC a little bit, mainly the first half. With a little more work this maybe a good defense for MC. Go Tribe!!!
  12. Not official, but I was told Prewitt had 42 and Handshoe 28 for MC. This must have been a heck of game to watch!! Sorry I missed it......... Good luck tomorrow Indians against Pikeville!!!
  13. Who was missing for the Cougars? Also, I know Morgan has had their last two 8th grade classes have success, have these classes stayed together as they've moved on to high school?
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