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  1. Noah was in a weak program his first three years and developed nicely under Ruthsatz. Had it not been for illnesses I think he would have doubled his stats. This kid has aptitude and attitude and I believe he can contribute at NKU. A real team player. Great touch for a big guy. Go Noah!
  2. Agree. Cooper was clearly the second best team in the state that year.
  3. No denying Joey Moser was a huge contributor in the Colonel’s victory. IMO, the most underrated guy on the team (perhaps the entire region) and that may have a lot to do with him being injured and missing a lot of games. Plays with a lot of fire! And confidence! Great stroke! Last I looked he was second or third on the team in shooting percentage and most of his points aren’t coming from underneath. Go Joe!
  4. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been saying this all year. Ironically, free throws were a big part of there past two state championships.
  5. I’m a CovCath guy and I sure didn’t have my feelings hurt. When you go to an all-boys school for four years you tend to grow thick skin. The truth is, it’s human nature to root for the underdog, unless, of course, your team is the overdog. I appreciate what PP1 does for we high school basketball enthusiasts. Soldier on PP1!
  6. Huppman was at practice this week, however, I don’t know if he’ll be playing.
  7. Does anyone know if this game is going to be shown on KHSAA/NFHS?
  8. Totally agree! By my observations, holding the ball only seems to happen in the 4th quarter and usually way towards the end. And if the team holding the ball is yet to be shooting the bonus, it’s agonizing to watch it play out. That said, I would be in favor of experimenting with a shot clock in the 4th only. As for expense, I can’t imagine it would be that terribly expensive. If schools can find ways to afford artificial turf for their football fields at costs over $500k, a shot clock, by comparison, would be a drop in the “bucket.” (Pun intended!)
  9. New Cath 1967. Rieschberger, Noll, etc Cov Cath 1968. Rippe, Derkson, Topmiller, etc
  10. CovCath has but five feeder schools, however, they have a total of 50 grade schools represented among the student body. That’s a mere 10%, while the basketball team’s starting five amount to 60% coming from feeder schools. It’s not just basketball and football that’s attracting so many non-feeders, it’s the stellar academics, facility, activities, etc. As for the game, Highlands was the top scoring team in the state prior to Saturday’s game at 82 PPG. The Colonels held them to 39, less than half their average. Wow! This speaks volumes about Highlands’ schedule. I think a lot of Coach Listermann, however, I don’t understand why he doesn’t schedule tougher teams. It’s no way to prepare your team for tough opponents or tournament time. Vinson is one hell of a player, but IMO would be an even better player and better prepared for college hoops if he were averaging 15-20 and playing a tougher opponents.
  11. I know for a fact he has mono. Typically takes weeks to recover. Not good for Noah or the Colonels.
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