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  1. No, he would not. He would be the least egotistical to do so.
  2. Holding a middle school team to 69 yards is great. This is Original Tecmo Bowl level stuff.
  3. And eyes will stay on Dixie Highway to pry a coach.
  4. At that point you, as a school, need to answer a few questions. 1. Is your youth program designed to win at each level, 2. Do you truly value player development, 3. Are 1 and 2 mutually exclusive? I value youth development way beyond youth league championships. Knowing Coach Woolf, I feel like he’d agree. Give him player development from the ages of 8-13 and he will create a winner. This is completely dependent on getting the kids bought in. There have always been a ton of social distractions at CCHS.
  5. Until they offer it to Eddie or go out of Greater Cincy, they are always in danger of #4 in the GCL South.
  6. Without their best offensive weapon...going to be a fun year for Birds fans. Great game Colin H.
  7. Conner's athleticism is going to cause a lot of teams problems. Depending on the Regional draw, this could be the 9th Region Final. They may run into issues in a tightly called game due to their aggressiveness (they got lucky not to pick up a second yellow on a challenge on the sideline and a few others for accumulative fouls) but that is what makes them a legitimate threat. They take it to you.
  8. I'm on here so I want to shout out to #13 Caymon Stevie (wanna shill your own kids, join the site.) He initiates contact, I get it. He's bigger, stronger, and faster than every center back that he faces. However, it seems that he's been called for the foul on every 50/50 play. Twice last night he was called for the foul while dribbling or getting tripped while dribbling (which blew my mind since he got tripped from behind). He has not gotten the benefit of more than one call all season in games officiated by 9th Region officials. HOWEVER, he has kept him mouth shut and gotten on with the game. He has shown great maturity and desire, and I couldn't be prouder of how he is playing and carrying himself.
  9. As an 8th grader last year, having never seen him play, I thought that he "looked the part." Some kids just have that natural athlete look.
  10. Ugly game that was played very physically. Conner has a lot of aggressive, good athletes who like to make the game a struggle and rely on their wings to lead quick counters. They sat back very deep and dared Highlands to break them down through possession. Both teams had chances. The bright spot for the Birds is that they had better spurts of possession than the past 4 games, which was a good sign. They also had times where the passing was quick and precise. Little by little the improvement goes.
  11. North Oldham survives a bus break down and beats the Birds. I don’t really want to discuss the game. NO came out with more energy and intensity. Since I am on here, I will say that I hope that we are done with the Center Ref. We have had her twice this year. That should be enough for sainthood.
  12. 2 and 1 with all three on the road coming off of the tough Ballard game is a good week. Playing Trinity was the best thing that could have happened to the Birds this early in the season. It exposed some things and solidified others. I feel really good about their chances in the Region this year.
  13. Just watched the game on Hudl. I feel really good about Highlands after watching this. It took both CBs to handle C. Stevie and he bothered them the whole game. Trinity is EXCELLENT at throwing the ball in to restart right away, that led directly to one goal and contributed to another. Highlands will clean that up. The own goal was a tough corner to handle. Mason put the funk on it. All 3 of the penalties were bad calls, like I thought live. Stevie fell a bit easy, Foubert got the ball clearly on clean challenge, and I don't know what else Trinity's defender could have done on that shot. The ball hit his hands but they were in front of his body right protecting his chest. If it didn't hit his hands, it hits his chest. I don't see them as in an unnatural position. He didn't make himself bigger. That was super unlucky. Trinity's 4th goal was really neat interplay. That was the only clean goal of the game. Trinity's 5th goal came on a mistrap in midfield and a weird little scramble. It was an AWESOME shot. Blast from way out as SOON as he got just a little time and space. The way I see it is Highlands had some issues linking up the midfield, but the long ball was giving Trinity problems due to Stevie's hold up play. Trinity possessed really well and jumped on each Highlands' miscue like a great team does. I hope they play again. It was a fun one to watch.
  14. Trinity is legit. I think that they beat Moeller. I love their possession game. Their striker and wings are top notch. I love watching Mason on the ball, kid is dynamite. Imagine him as an attacking midfielder with those skills. That’s another goal a game. #9 was as advertised and #23’s last goal was a cracker. 25yards? If they don’t win the 7th this year, then the 7th is everything that it is hyped to be. It was a weird game with 3 penalties, an own goal on a corner, and a couple crazy scrambles. The Birds hung tough. They will learn from this game. Going down 1 to 0 early changed the complexion quick. Shout out to Cole Lorenzen on getting his first Varsity goal. Kid is going to be something else. I gotta say this in closing. Trinity’s coach makes them tough to root for. How can you coach your team from the opposing team’s side? I have never seen that before. He literally went to get a drink of water every 60 seconds to a water station located on the opposing teams side AND had words with the opposing coach WHILE standing on the wrong side of the field?Yellow card for excessive celebration? I REALLY dislike that guy. Trinity can find a better representation of their community.
  15. I understand that boys' soccer is the red-headed step-child of fall sports, but the lack of coverage by the media is a joke. With the rise in popularity of soccer, even more so in the past five years, you would think that huge games like this one would get some pub. NOT A PEEP. So, you guys have me...at least to promote Highlands. Today, the #4 Birds travel to play the Shamrocks on their turf at 6pm. The weather is going to be amazing, the stadium is beautiful, and, more importantly, a ton of talent will be on the field. A fellow member of the board, not naming names JJ, is sandbagging this group of Rocks. "They have only played one game," and "We still have positions to figure out." NOT BUYING IT. As much as I personally dislike Trinity's coach, he is an excellent one. Those guys will be passing all over the field. They will have some 6'0 plus striker that is quick and super strong. They will have one 5'6 midfielder who can dribble through everyone and a strong holding mid who can play great deep balls. Finally, their right and left backs will play way up the pitch and deliver great crosses. I've seen this script. On Highlands' side, if there is a faster group up top in the state, I would like to see it. When Farris, Stevie, Hedenberg, and Gillman get moving, they get moving. Their strength is in their versatility. Farris is an out and out winger off the left. Stevie runs the channels to draw out CBs and presses very well on lost possession. Hedenberg wants to break you down one-on-one, and Gillman is 1-2 type that has a high soccer IQ. The introduction of Cole Lorenzen in at holding midfield solidifies this team. As a sophomore, you can see that he is going to turn into an amazing maestro with his quick one touch and two touch passing. He is not afraid of going in for a challenge. He's a lot of fun to watch play with George Gates in the center. This game will all come down to how the rotation of E. Stevie, Hank Cook, and Adam Groneck mesh together at CB, as Alex Foubert and Ford Orem have a solid hold at the fullback positions. That is the last group to come together. They are getting better by the game. In goal, Nick Fischer has made multiple athletic saves and is the vocal leader of the team. I also want to add the depth that we feared the Birds lack is becoming less of an issue by the game. Ben Fischer is growing by the minute. Nate Gesenhues is back from a bout with turf toe and is a very intelligent fullback. Jack Banks can play across the front 3. Finally, Austin Frazier is the one that I'm excited to watch mature. Kid has some magic in his cleats at the JV level. I can't wait to watch it translate to Varsity.
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