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  1. There is no way of knowing,it’s interesting to talk about. I think if Boyle, Trinity and Male played it could go either way but Boyle would probably go in a touchdown underdog. Boyle is 2 td’s better than the other two teams mentioned -IMO
  2. Allen is the best quarterback in the State with out a doubt and will win MR Football with his numbers,media and commitment to Ky. I do think Reese Smith is the best player but will not get enough votes especially committing out of State. That shouldn’t be a factor but it will effect voting. Smith and Mayer are a long shot but no one else on the list has a shot.
  3. I agree Allen is a High Level D1 Qb and will probably hit a couple throws and has the ability to scramble. Lexington Catholic will be playing against the best D they have seen and probably the best lineman in the State up front,Catholic has to find a way to block up front. I’m going 49-21. I’m coming down for this one, should be a great atmosphere for a high school game.
  4. I thought he looked better on offense also on tape, but when I looked him up he led the State last year for dlineman in tackles with 114 and 28 for loss from nose, that's unheard of from that position, so I don't know,just a dominant football player on either side.
  5. Mercer I feel will have a shot in this game, some really good players and a great Coaching staff that will have Mercer prepared.
  6. I went to Danville last week and watched Boyle. Kentucky/Louisville just missed out on one of the best lineman in the state. Congrats.
  7. I was talking earlier to a old friend, Middle Tennessee was there watching Kelly tonight. I coached in 1aa as a assistant years ago and he is a d1 player. A player with a lot of stars just got dominated tonight by that kid
  8. I have watched Cal a couple times this year and seen Boyle once, Cal is 90 percent run which will make it difficult for them to score on Boyle, in saying that if Boyle tries to run the football heavy against Cal it will be a lot closer, I wasn't impressed with Boyles Oline,they are very average up front. If Boyle continues to throw the ball around, I stand by my score of 42-14. I'm coming down for this one but don't expect it to be as close as people think.
  9. I'm going Boyle 42-14. It will be interesting to watch up front with John Young and Wilson Kelly Battling.
  10. My Hounds are a year away. Just hope to improve each game and anything can happen in the playoffs.
  11. I went to the Boyle game last night, there oline looks like a work in progress but agree Sacco in my opinion and the college Coach that was with me. Sacco is Boyle’s best back, forget offers Just a different level of physicality with that kid.
  12. I watched this game, Cov Catholic is not the same team we have seen the past few years. Both defenses were very average and looked un-prepared for the other. Great High School game to watch with a couple great players playing.
  13. I think you have Trinity,Male, and Boyle are the Class of the State.
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