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  1. I’m pulling for the Titans to make it 4 out of 5! This one would get them to Rupp, which the other 3 did not. NKU was a very good host, but nothing like Rupp for these kids to work for. Good luck/health to all teams, in what should be a great tournament!
  2. Cards playing some good ball, at the ideal time of year. The lumps they took early, would seem to me to have paid off! Good luck both teams in regionals!
  3. I think it’s just as likely Mercer sweeps these last three, as it is that they go winless. Still only the the Rock loss within the region for Mercer, is solid. Even if Casey and SW both get them here at the end of the season, it’s a good year!
  4. Region 12 has been and looks to continue to be one of the best girls basketball regions in the state. The region represents well in the sweet 16 with their team playing for a title in each of the last 3 years, winning two. Whoever comes out will be battle tested and poised to make another deep run!
  5. Saw on FB where this young man turned his life over to the Lord and was baptized. As bad a situation as this has been, if he can trust in Christ to keep him on the right track going forward, he may look upon this experience in a much different light, than he would’ve otherwise. God’s speed to the young man, and his family. They truly are great people, all of them!
  6. Will he be a safety or wide receiver? I think his skills are pretty equal at both positions.
  7. I’ve known Landen since he was in middle school and to say that this is out of character, would be an understatement. He’s as fine a young man, as I’ve ever known and why he’s done, what he’s done baffles me. I only hope that he works through this, and becomes a better man because of it!
  8. I wonder if the junior, Baughman, can take on more of the point minutes, when the ISO’s are not working? I’ve not seen the kid play since middle school, but he used to be pretty good at getting things under control and efficiently executing the offense.
  9. What is going on with Danville? I thought they would near the top of the 12th, but so far they appear to be maybe middle of the pack?
  10. About half of Mercer’s team played football, maybe more than half. Off the top of my head; Drakeford, Lewis, Yeast, Warren, Dunn, Walton, Caton. I may have missed one or two, but either way, that’s a lot!
  11. Jaxon Smith can make a 48 yard field goal. He’s proven that when he was in the 8th grade. Curious why he wasn’t called on to try and win it?
  12. Couldn’t help myself. There were 19 votes for Male, which means my vote for Tates Creek put them at 5%. As stated above!
  13. I would predict that whichever team comes out of the DeSales/CAL/Mercer county district, will win the class 3A championship. IMO this is the toughest district in the state, regardless of class. I would probably still have DeSales at the top, to answer the question posed by the treads creator, but couldn’t blame anyone for putting Belfry, or Ashland or Bell there, after last weeks performance by DeSales. Going to be an exciting playoff!
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