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  1. He has been the difference in many games all year when he gets the minutes but coach has blinders on and refuses to reward the kids that work the backside off for the program,,,which is why the program is and will remain a sub par 6A program...for reference his name is Austin Mcdainel and works as hard as any kid you will find in the state.
  2. COACHING--coaching----coaching you have to know your kids and play to their strengths and not the Xs and Os daddy taught him. because we see how well it worked at NKU...
  3. I would say no to the upset question. Just Ryle's coach in over his head once again - out coached plain and simple!!! Up 4 less than a minute and stayed in a full court pressure D that was giving up lay ups the whole evening. And as everyone knows you WILL NOT get a call playing at Grant County as at one point in second half foul count was Ryle 9 GC 1...........enough said when they play that game in Union Ryle wins by 20.
  4. By far one of the best coaches if not the best in the region !!!!! Sully at cooper is right there...they both get everything out of a kid has to offer ..Harmon at Newport will give teams fits , and a guard that shoots lights out.
  5. You are correct .. will be a lot of fun to watch but not enough studs in the barn ... macgregor will help for sure but after the top 4 big drop off and with the aggressive style of basketball I think we will find them in foul trouble quite often !!!! A good discipline team with a guard that can handle and a big will give them fits as the lack of size will limit second chance opportunities and as we all know that is a big part of the game . Good luck to the Lady Raiders as they will be fun to watch
  6. Unfortunately the big schools looking to win national championships do not recruit kids based on potential !!
  7. True statement because five star one and done kids are just not in the Bluegrass!!!!!
  8. I think this 8th grader will struggle if thrown into the varsity arena!!!!! Not even a top 20 in the state in that class- needs work on left hand and outside shot needs to improve... up side plays quick and hard which has kept her a step ahead of the Nky girls but if the skill set does not improve they will catch up As we always see that they do .. what will be good is the Northern Kentucky freshman class for those who are not already playing JV or varsity is pretty weak so she will get some good productive minutes ... end of the day Ryle is thin and go 5-6 deep max . But teams better have their running shoes on !!!
  9. How many of the top 50 of class 2017 played at the gauntlet vs peach jam ..
  10. Hello --- matts mustangs 💩 On the three programs at state you just mentioned while having the best player in the state - hands down !
  11. Think over the summer she picked up offers from purdue and ole miss as well will many more calling .. going to be a long 2 1/2 for her as the line keeps growing.
  12. Lovell played a lot of minutes in exposure events with KY premiere and did well. Coach Pittman just didn't know what he had or how to get it out of her !! Hope the move to Ryle is a little more fitting for her -- great kid. Scheer is imo a top 5 player in the country in that 2020 class and has great chemistry with Jones who leaves it all out on the floor. Add Schwartz and Douthit to the mix and you have a great 1-3 rotation all can score and defend. Still missing a good 4-5 and if you cant rebound it makes for a long day !!!!!! No bench after that what so ever on a guard heavy team.
  13. Well said 21 going into college , having played going into 7 years of HS basketball ...wow he keeps it up he maybe able to close in on the state scoring record...lol.....starting college when most are finishing.. enough said
  14. FYI grant co don't have no where near the athletes that Ryle has and it is the coaches responsibility to put your team and players in the best position to excel to give your team the best chance to win !!! The whole night Ryle maybe ran 20% of the offense that they practice during the week -- is that the players or the coaches fault ?
  15. Agree !!!!! Between the whole staff at Ryle not one has an creative offensive enough mind set to say ok 3 times in a row it didn't work lets try it again no way they would think we would try it again lol .....Ryle ran off the best offensive mind they have ever had and prob top 3 in the state in mike Davis --- oh yes he is at Scott co who is the only team they may be able to play with the big 2 !!!!
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