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  1. Really good football game with 2 really good teams. Boyle was the better team but 17 4th quarter points makes the score look deceiving. Reese Smith’s 2 endzone picks were absolutely fantastic.
  2. Rebels are firing on all cylinders. OL has been a concern but I thought they played tremendous up front tonite. Boyle could have rushed for 600 yds and never thrown the ball and still put up 70+ points. A good regular season test would serve this team very well throughout the playoffs. That is my only concern.
  3. I think Boyle needs to play a 4 quarter game. I would want that to happen prior to the playoffs. But man oh man are they really good. Fastest Rebel team I have EVER seen.
  4. #BoilerUp Brohm made a great call. He is committed to the program, players, and recruits to finish what he started. I have much respect for that man. Expect some noise from the Boilermakers in a year or two.
  5. Congrats to Corbin....beat Central. Belfry turned the ball over and Boyle won. Boyle turned the ball over and Corbin won. If you want to win, don't turn the ball over.
  6. If this is what the ref saw from the sideline......"Flag on the play"
  7. This may shed some light on the conversation
  8. What impresses me most about Reese is he continues to get better. Cant imagine what he will be like this time next year....or the year after...or the year after. And so on and so on!
  9. If Boyle is not the beneficiary of a +4 turnover margin vs Belfry the outcome is much closer than the final score. I think Boyle was very fortunate to be up 13-10 at halftime vs Belfry. I think Boyle is better. I think Boyle needs to come out strong. And I think Boyle needs to play 4 quarters. Boyle 41 Corbin 35
  10. Really great win for Boyle County...Corbin patiently awaits. I could not make it to the game, but everyone I have spoken with and every social media post is nothing but praise for the Belfry community, school, and football program. You have much to be proud and thankful for. Kudos!
  11. Can Boyle stop Belfry! So far Belfry has stopped Belfry.
  12. What Reese is making aint enough.....stone cold killer
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