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  1. Well Steve Lovelace....aka head is headed to be the DC at Paducah T. whats the word on the street in cadiz, since Christian County made their hire...who is left sniffing around the wild cats? Will the Madisonville job opening up impact the hiring here??
  2. Wow some hostility in this thread!!! maybe the colonel crew should realize where they are and that a talented offensive mind who will push character, hard work, and player development. His roots will serve the community well. I wish coach Gehres well!!!!
  3. What about Steve Lovelace??? maybe he stepped down a bit early at County? This could be a chance for him to get back on the sidelines??? Or could he be heading to Hoptown to patrol the sidelines with Clayton to take the reins when he retires??? Only time or the great prognosticators of BluegrassPreps will know!!! Josh Jaggers aint going nowhere.......Joe is having health problems and I am not sure where Marty is.......Is Marty Jaggers still the AD at trigg????
  4. Joe Washington was head coach at North Hardin for years as well as with Joe Jaggers at Ft knox for many seasons.
  5. Does Jumpin Joe Washington still have ties to Evangel? I know in the past he had been extremely involved in the church and maybe even coached basketball. HE could be a great inspiration to start the program back up
  6. How would a move to Highlands be achievable? Isnt Coach Wolfe heavily invested in a few businesses and business opportunities in the louisivllle area. I know you guys speculate all kinds of stuff to keep things exciting and to have something to talk about, but.....realistically, how could a guy leave Hundreds of thousands of dollars in business ventures for a coaching and teaching position and a coaching stipend?
  7. I played at MC from 1993 - 96 and later returned to coach there when I started my career in education. I was blessed to be apart of some great success at Marshall county as a player. I know the term "entitled" does seem cliche but I am speaking from multiple experiences. One thing that most people do not know about Marshall county is that most people there are pretty well off. There is quite a bit of money and pretty good to great jobs in the area. Many of the folks who are born there never leave. They are MC for life. You know that a hungry dog hunts best, and well lets say the dogs there have it pretty good and just aren't too hungry. The last thing I will say in regards of this is that many of the young men who are playing now are the kiddos of the guys I played with in the 90's and watched in the late 80's. Those fella's me included have been called entitled, and we know that apples don't fall far from the tree or get out of the orchard. I hope the new coach is able to handle all the challenges that he has signed up for! He will need some folks he can trust and will help him lay down the law in his program! We will see how serious the administration is here at Marshall county by how many new coaches they let the new guy bring into the building to bolster the program.
  8. Marshall County is a tough situation. The parents make it difficult. It will be interesting in seeing how the new coach will handled entitled parents and players. The last coach there to have great success was Mike Lawson, before him, the late Jim Shelton....you know what both of those fellas had in common? They kept the parents at bay and taught tough hard hitting football.
  9. It sure seems like it is taking a long time if the Panthers were going to hire in house. Any word on this position? I have heard there maybe interest from a local coach of the year just up the road. Any truth to that? I have also heard that the in house candidate may not be too popular of a choice with some program stakeholders. What is the scoop???
  10. Another city school with a high turnover rate. What would make this job desirable?
  11. Hard to get consistency with a revolving door? What do folks keep leaving? Is it administration? Players? Lack of talent? What are the challenges of this job?
  12. Anyone hearing any names for this job? Is it posted on the District's website? Is it on the KHSAA? I found it odd the AD was quoted in the paper talking about procedures for hiring in house. any E-town folks have any insight on this?
  13. North found a way to win in itself, That is what matters. As the season progresses it will be interesting to see how the Trojans handle the increasing pressure of rankings and staying undefeated. The same can be said for Central. Another team off to a great start is Meade. All 3 of these teams have one another in the crosshairs. It is not the most talented team or the best tactician of a coach that wins this district its the team that is kost disciplined, executes the best, and stays healthiest. Good luck to all and Go trojans
  14. HAHAHAHA you guys kill me. 28% winning percentage and I am the idiot. I also love how I just stated the facts and recounted events. did I hit close to home for some of you? Judging by your facebook posts I know I have!! Also classy move calling out a kid who was at every practice, ran scout team, played his roll and never complained as entitled and lazy!! Great move coach......oh yeah he deserved that cause his dad is an outspoken jerk right???? I just ask you, to defend your position? or are you not mature enough to put together an argument rather than name calling? I guess when youre a part of what led to the 28% success rate my opinion as a fan, parent, and former coach may irritate you. Have a great night!
  15. Here are some Stats on NH and Coach Thompson according to KHSAA. Now that our season is over, I can post freely my opinion without retribution. The last time I posted about NH my sons playing time was cut from little to nearly none and an assistant coach gave me a public tongue lashing rant at the top of his lungs after the PRP game where I was called everything under the son, manhood challenged, integrity and character questioned, and much more. The Stats..... Career Record 19-47 Winning % is 19 Wins / 66 Games Played 28.8% Offense 22.3 points a game Defense 32.68 Points a game 2.7 victories a season over 7 seasons Without going into a lot of drama like an assistant coach on the sideline running onto the field last night and, getting into the face of an official, and having a verbal profanity laden tirade followed up with a desire to fight the said official, we will let the record and performance of the program under Coach Thompson's care speak for itself. I will say this in closing.....if this is the tradition of excellence the Alumni, administration, and members of the North Hardin Community find acceptable, it truly is a sad day in Radcliff.
  16. Interesting calls?? is one way to put it!! many NH fans are scratching their heads on how this one played out! Congrats to the Bruins!! Which District will CHHS, NHHS, and Mead play come playoff week?
  17. As a parent, former coach, and fan of the Trojans....Boyle County is dominating. 35-3
  18. 21-0 5min left in 1st after 2 Boyle drives and pick 6
  19. Hey heading to Danville for this one! Gotta support my son!! However I don't think this game will turn out well for the trojans! ( I have to be careful what I post and AVOID hurtING the feelings of any of the Trojan staff like the last time I shared my opinion.) So what's a must eat place in Danville as we are braving the 90 min trip there???
  20. I am not hiding behind a keyboard obviously @Thedreammachine you know who I am youre the one hiding behind a keyboard. you also know I have been associated with NH football since 2006, been in The NH community, and have seen alot more with NH than you can see. Appreciate you opinion, and since you know who I am you know I have enough experience on and off the field to form an accurate opinion, and I can express that opinion where ever I like. Good luck in your schedule down south and I pray for the health and well being of the Trojans this week!
  21. As a North Hardin Parent, this game was a dumpster fire. Not taking away anything from Etown, they took advantage of every opportunity the NH coaching staff and lack of execution by the NH players given to them. I look forward to watching ETOWN through the rest of the season!!! NH Trojan Football continues to over promise, under deliver, and totally underwhelm. This program has done less with more under Thompson than at any other time in the last 2 decades. It is rumored that Coach Thompson's Pre-Game speech centered around the fact that Etown passed him over in the early 2000's before his exodus to Alabama with Brett Burnett to be his OL coach. Then again, Etown passed on Thompson, when he was the head coach of NH after 2 or 3 dismal season. Thompson expressed interest in the opening (not sure he actually applied but he expressed his interest) and was turned down for the HC position when Etown pursued and hired the retired Mark Brown rather than Thompson, a distinguished alumnus. (Obviously the Etown powers that be made the right pick and must be pleased with their selection!) North Hardin Football has many problems, and the murderous schedule on the horizon for the next 7 weeks. Maybe things will change at NH in the next year, but I am not seeing the powers that be there having the fortitude to make a change. We shall see. Good luck panthers!!!!
  22. I guess talking to and playing golf with PT himself this past week means nothing! Get out from behind the keyboard and get out!
  23. Cool I guess I have no clue what I am talking about, nor do the folks I spoke with, who were involved in the situation. Cool man you know it all!
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