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  1. I think they should let the kids call their own. You would get a much better game. The officials calling most of these games are horrible. In the last 20 years the quality of officiating has gone from pretty good to horrible.I remember when Rex Chapman played Henry Clay at Memorial. Kent Wade was one of the officials. I watched that game on tape a few times and I remember saying to a guy with me there wasnt a call missed. The game was called perfect. In the games now the officials dont get 25% of the calls correct and there is no consistency, the majority of these guys have never been on a court and I assume just trying to get a little extra money I guess (maybe a ego boost from being in charge). The games are not even worth watching because the officials ruin it. If I didnt know better I would think they were betting on them. I could even take that over just being horrible.
  2. Great thread! Shows exactly what this site is. A Highlands chat room. You guys have ran everyone off the site. I dont see any Trinity post anymore or St X. They at least gave the site some Louisville opinion. No Boyle Co. people, I wont re-up my membership when it runs out. All the mods are pro N. Ky. Its to bad this could have been a great way to discuss Ky H.S. Athletics now its nothing but Highlands fans telling everyone my dad can whip yours like a bunch of kids.
  3. If the high school officials were any good they would be calling somewhere else. I watched several games this year and didnt see one game,again one game that was even close to being called well. They must get the credentials from a cracker jack box.I was sitting with a KHSAA officials judge courtside at one of the games in a holiday tourny. One official came over during a time out and laughed and he said he was going to T a certain coach up. This was in the 4th quarter, just as he said he would,he did. The call came at a time that completely changed the game and led to a 2 point loss.The coach didnt do anything to deserve the T. I watched the official and the bench after he said that. I couldnt believe it,dont know the guys name but im sure he never played before. He is a short guy with slicked backed, dyed black hair and calls around Lexington.Oh and who asked Trivette to come back,my goodness.
  4. I agree great player.He should get a four star just because UK offered!
  5. If Trinity wins the state in basketball this year I have a prediction. Within 3 years the public and privates will be split and play for separate state titles. Football has been dominated for so long by the privates it has been over looked. With the basketball its a different story. When you have guys like Hicks leaving Shelby County for T thats not going to stand.Im not saying T is the only one, I think Scott Co. is heads and tails above anyone else in recruiting ,Billy Hicks maybe a good as Calapari but that is a public school and it will be tolerated. Just a prediction. I think every kid Lex Cath had on the team,I know all the starters have been in the catholic system since 1st grade and they still get hammered in public for recruiting.
  6. 3 schools in Nelson County wow. Maybe they will ad a new school in Scott County when it becomes as big as Nelson.
  7. Rebel where have you been? I know the season didnt go as you Boyle Co. boys wanted it but dang dont jump of the BP ship. We need your post to offset some of the Highland fans blather.
  8. Coaching middle school football in Lexington at Jessie Clark I believe.
  9. Highlands is a football school.The good athletes go the football route instead of basketball,same with Trinity,yes even though they are ranked 1 (New kids came in only take 1 or 2) The BB state powers do the opposite LC, Scott Co Madison Central. If Flynn could get athletes that spend time playing basketball he would win the state every other year.I am no Highlands fan you can see by my post but there is not a better basketball coach in the state,hands down than Flynn. I have watched him for years,excellent excellent bb coach
  10. The state has bought the Trinity hype. I for one believe they are by far the best team in the state with the best O-Line this year. I think they will be the best next year aswell. That being said Quick had great numbers but is he the only one that could have put those numbers up? Could Timmons or maybe another receiver in the state given that surrounding cast? I think its silly to say Quick walks away with it,but he will. Look at the AP All State team that should tell you its all hype.Wright is a good manager of a team with exceptional talent,he throws a great ball in the flats or 20 yards down the field.Does that make him the best QB? There are guys throughout the state next year that will carry their team on their backs and be in the running for a state championship. The AP will not look in SE KY at any players .The AP guys are Journalist and hanger ons that just want to parrot what the next guy says and go from there because they dont know anything. You cant find 1 voter I will wager that knows diddly squat about football and they are voting on this? AP-4 or more players from Scott Co, are you kidding me? I saw them play. Look at the stats and I bet not 1 are legit HM They played nobody and didnt lead the state stats in anything. Im not knocking the kids at Scott but they dont deserve the award anymore than the other kids across the state because they were Lexingtons media darling. This is a big award and should be taken seriously with a little more insight than just he said she said.
  11. Skinner Did you see Jeff Canady from Knox or Kyle bolin from Catholic? If not where have you been
  12. This is a tough game to pick. I saw the first game and either team could have won it. Thats football though, last 3 LC games starting with Bowlingreen, Boling hasnt had alot of time in the pocket but the running has picked up.Chess match between these 2 excellent coaches. Both teams have had great seasons and will continue an exciting rivalry. My heart and support goes to LC.
  13. Wow Last game was a little closer than what I expected. I hope SC shores it up it would be horrible for them to have a team shut that offense down after having such a good year. Good luck Cardinals.
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