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  1. You can be for the kids all day long. Who is against the kids? Not Meeks, not Gregg, not the football coach or baseball coach or AD-so I don't understand that point. What is true is that bringing in Gregg was handled poorly, and his departure as well. I know many AD's and I do not consider HC's "strong". Why do you???
  2. And the "football" coach used to be an assistant on the softball staff. I think Lee Meeks is a good coach and a better man. Chip Gregg is a good coach too. To say this is not an administrative issue is laughable. A weak AD in place when they have others that coach other sports there that have been good AD's, and an alum that is now the AD at NCC. A good, strong athletic director is a huge component of athletic success at a school. A weak one finds the coaching carousel going round and round, and the regional appearances non-existent.
  3. That game will be remembered for the penalties, many properly called and then a coach has to control his team. You can pretend all you want about this and that, but the lack of sportsmanship and the end of the game fiasco is what will be remembered, and that is the shame of it.
  4. He is always warned and never flagged. Part of the problem. Guess they figure how e will cause trouble with the state.
  5. Go Lafayette. See if SC coach gets penalized for being on the field?????
  6. Brian is awesome as an official and a better person. Congratulations!!!!
  7. Mia will do a great job. I think she is a talented coach. Have to hand it to buzzard22 for naming her early. Good Luck Pandas.
  8. Give me Alan Houston. Better than Farmer then, better than Farmer now.
  9. Their coach works very hard and though I believe because of their age they are at a major disadvantage, I never have heard him complain about that.
  10. I think the Ladanyi(sp) girl for Notre Dame is a very good and underrated player.
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