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    Flu shots

    Here'''s One Reason Flu Vaccines Are So Lousy: They'''re Grown in Eggs - NBC News
  2. Just watched the 30 for 30. Catholics vs Convicts.
  3. They have more coach turnover than The Yankees did with Steinbrenner.
  4. From what I know they have and that’s why they haven’t played in a few weeks. My cousin says they are the best pure football players to ever be there and he says that goes back to the teams that won a lot of games a long time ago.
  5. No, just now got ruled eligible to practice and play this week. Kids love them, great kids and 1 is very fast. Maybe fastest kid we have ever had. Was laser timed at combine at WKU at 4.49. He is supposedly looking very good at Rb and his brother who is a year younger is a very tall 6'4 WR who is pretty fast according to some kids there.
  6. We had a few kids not playing that had transferred in from another county. One has scholarship offer to an OVC school at DB.
  7. Unless the guy was shunned by this church or felt God did him wrong, it's all political.
  8. Christians Being Tolerant. Intolerance of other groups. Drugs! Drug babies that have grown up. Lack of parental influence. Lack of parental involvement. Letting God be allowed to be made fun of. Taking God out of schools. Political parties makin fun of God and Guns. Anti Depressants Political parties making Christians look like bad people for their beliefs.
  9. We do have a game where we raise about 5,000 rolls of toilet paper for drug rehab places.
  10. I never said anything about Waggener, but I’m sure proud The Rock represented their County and Fans respectably in the big city. Strength killed speed last night and was glad to let a school in Louisville see what it’s like for a bunch of country and farm kids to play football.
  11. Way to go Rock, you represented the County well.
  12. Answer = people are looking for stuff to complain about more than me.
  13. No, but yes. Rockcastle was 3 seed and Moore was a 2 seed.
  14. I have no problem with it. Actually good question and I’m sure got the kids attention and they probably actually tried.
  15. Lou Moore players took a knee for National Anthem and others turned their back. Loudspeakers didn’t work well for National Anthem so Rockcastle players/fans sung the song for them while they continued standing and Moore kneeling down. This really motivated the Rock boys as they had never actually witnessed this and what they saw as disrespect. Rockcastle goes to 2nd round and Lou Moore season ends.
  16. Ones I do or have done. All from my mom and mamaw. Cant cut nails on a Sunday. Cant cut baby hair till 1 year old. Go out the same door you come in. Dont drink milk with fish. Knock on wood to not be hexed. Make a X if cat crosses your path.
  17. Id rather see everyone die than it be a dream.
  18. I hope all your wishes come true and your day is the best ever.
  19. "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"
  20. Im a white guy. I (we) get profiled everytime a little girl goes missing and is found raped and murdered. The FBI has profiled that the crime is usually committed by a white male. What is wrong with that. It true too. What is wrong with profiling a Middle Eastern guy wanting to rent a truck. How many white or black people have rented trucks and has run over people lately? I see no problem with profiling.
  21. If we profile then one party will never hear the end of it and one party will scream out racism.
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