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  1. Finalists also included were the Magic 8 Ball, Matchbox Cars, My Little Pony, PEZ Candy Dispenser, play food, Risk, sand, Transformers, and Uno
  2. Forgot about paper airplane, my papaw made me some good ones. National Toy Hall of Fame announces 217 inductees: paper airplane, Wiffle ball and Clue - TODAY.com Beat out some good ones.
  3. And this black guy saying this is worth your time to read if interested in this topic. What the Air Force Academy hate crime hoax teaches us about the mainstream media and race | Fox News
  4. NFL should be able to suspend and fine players for actions on the field and things convicted of off the field. No way they should be their own judge and jury for crimes outside of football or even before a kid is a pro.
  5. Just stay on your side. I hope Rock stays on the 49 yard line the whole time until kickoff. I hope it's true that the video has been sent to Khsaa and I'm glad everyone got to see how ridiculous Wayne is thinking they have to run 70 yards to show theirselves.
  6. Well you proved yourself 1000% correct.
  7. The only victims are those who believe the media and news outlets that want to make race the issue and pit Americans vs Americans. Who was the first to get blamed, some white person, where is the apology from the media for reporting before the investigation was complete. Maybe next time they won’t believe so quick, but we all know that’s false.
  8. Maybe you should know that it was turned in to KHSAA about how Wayne came over on the opponents side. I guess your spirit line better be zig zag now.
  9. All Wayne Co is doing is stressing over the banner and waiting to see what Rock will do, it will Be such a letdown to Wayne when we stay to our own And don’t do anything and there goes the big pump up down the tube.
  10. Take the punishment like this guy did. It brought back memories. Teen-Ager Caned in Singapore Tells of the Blood and the Scars - NYTimes.com
  11. Stealing sunglasses. What pitiful dirtbags. Like they couldnt afford a pair of these from China. Chop off their hands.
  12. M) Spirit/Pep Line for Introductions, Warm-up Areas 1) Regular Season a) During the regular season, A team’s spirit line is not to extend onto any part of the other team’s half of the playing fi eld and area leading up to the playing fi eld. b) A team’s half of the fi eld will be the side on which its team bench is located, with the playing fi eld and area leading up to the playing fi eld being dissected equally down its length. This includes the end zones. c) No spirit line is to extend over the forty-five-yard line. d) No players, coaches, team attendants, or anyone associated with the opposing team is to enter or interfere with the opponent’s spirit line
  13. The dude has major college experience and could bring a lot, he learned a lot from Coach Mullear at Highlands.
  14. Yeah the other guy is doing a good job of making you wonder too. OVC schools recruit kids from all over. EKU qb is from Connecticut. Apparently he has family that also played at EKU so maybe that is where he is going.
  15. Moved in from Texas area after home was destroyed by hurricane and had family here. Will only be here till all is fixed and aren’t homeless anymore.
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