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  1. Unless those multiple people see a chance to be part of a settlement?
  2. Me too. Its really unfair for a lot of schools. You can say get better or whatever, but that sometimes doesnt matter. Every school is different and not as blessed as some schools. Why punish kids or coaches for stuff they cant control. For example how do you tell a team getting ready to play another team with 50 more kids that they need to work harder.
  3. As for settlements, I know it’s easier and cheaper to settle than go through the whole court system. That is what most lawyers will say.
  4. Some have denied it. Roy Moore has denied it. Some can’t deny because lawyers won’t let them yet.
  5. 7 Refs is awful. More calls and more refs thinking they have to throw a flag for something.
  6. With all the sexual charges by people in recent weeks it go me to wondering. Now not to doubt it didnt happen, but why are the people losing jobs and things based on what someone says without any proof. For example the Wonder Woman actor refuses to do part 2 unless the movie-maker guy is killed from the company for ALLEGATIONS OF sexual harassment. So far all I have seen are allegations of every single thing and no proof. What is to just keep someone from making up something to destroy a career of someone. Is the media the ones who are the judges and jury now?
  7. And it’s over now, tooooooo many turnovers.
  8. If we have a guy who can’t shoot a shot a little bit from the foul line then we don’t need them. Shoot the friggin ball.
  9. If I hear about how young we are one more time I may explode.
  10. Trade more film. But it seriously has to be that the kids that were coming to Highlands from other places arent anymore. My BF that has many family from NK and Highlands has said that kids that once came from other schools to Highlands are just staying at their schools now. Highlands has been down before in my lifetime, but this is a little different.
  11. First, was it directed at kids or some parent there. Was it a attempt to actually kill kids or a person mad.
  12. I would have to think the coach said something to him to make him just go off like that.
  13. Congrats to a deserving person. I personally thought JJ Watt deserved it for raising so much money for the Hurrican Relief, (37 million) Colin Kaepernick is GQ's 'Citizen of the Year' - Nov. 13, 2
  14. Sad. I hate poachers and hope they get killed when killing these awesome animals. The story behind that viral photo of a lonely rhino | Fox News
  15. Good luck Belfry. You have had a rough road. All of SE KY is pulling for you.
  16. Well Trump did ask the Chinese Leader to intervene. I guess he did. Its my guess they will be stars now at UCLA and parade around like look at me, I stole from China and nothing happened.
  17. Knocks him out. Pretty brutal. Tennessee State football player expelled after reportedly punching coach on sideline | Fox News And just watch that no one offers to help.
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