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  1. Easy now! I think most Raceland fans are hoping to compete with you. We all remember what you did to us last year. I definitely know the staff and players respect you guys and are practicing hard expecting a tough game.
  2. I do not think it is a must win. Our District games are the must win games. Winning those 2 will put us at home for 3 playoff games before traveling to Pikeville for the Semifinals. Providing all of that plays out.
  3. I'll be on the sidelines. I'll be taping, etc.. I'll be easy to find.
  4. The best I can do is tell you he came down between our DB where he is in the picture.. And you see where our corner is located.
  5. Ethan Cox is a junior from Boyd Co. He transferred to Raceland a year ago and had to sit out 365 days before playing varsity. He is now eligible and adds a lot of team speed and really opens up our passing game. Gunnur, Ethan, Hunter, & Judd are all pretty fast. Definitely makes us harder to game plan against.
  6. The official in question couldn’t run to keep up with the plays tonight. It was really sad that he was on the field.
  7. I can’t share my Hudl on here but trust me. Out of bounds by at least a yard. The official who should’ve been down the sideline was at about the 30 and signaled a catch and a TD.
  8. Congratulations to the Cardinals! I knew you were going to do it!
  9. Offense got rolling tonight. Good job Musketeers.
  10. Congratulations to Coach Maynard and the Devils!
  11. I am glad to hear Russell is not hindered by injury.
  12. I can't see Raceland's defense giving up 28 points in consecutive weeks. I will be disappointed if PW reaches double digits.
  13. A lot of things can be said, thought, laughed about, expected, predicted in the quiet of a locker room or a coaches office that should not be said or allowed to be printed in the public for the other team to see, hear or read. Motivation comes in many forms and fashion, this one comes in the form of a Tweet and a quote in the Portsmouth Daily Times.
  14. I’m more geeked for this one than any other game so far. If our kids can’t respond to being disrespected, I’m not sure what will do it.
  15. Congratulations to the young Raiders. Stability in the coaching staff and allowing the system and culture to grow is starting to payoff.
  16. You are using my argument in an unwise way......:isurrender: But I guess you have me.
  17. I agree with you about polls. I just am trying to have a discussion about this particular poll. I have stated several times already that Beechwood is the best 1A team. I am just trying to have a discussion about voting in polls. We saw first hand last year how good BW is as we couldn’t stop them in any aspect of the game. I used to follow BW back in the 90’s when Coach Yeager ran things. The 1992 and 1993 seasons saw me drive from NEKY to NKY to watch every game, including playoffs. I love the attitude, tradition and the class BW has always shown. Now that I have shown so much love to the Tigers, I want to beat them silly!!!
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