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  1. This once fierce rivalry has lost its luster. Any opinions on this game?
  2. Another blowout before 2 tougher games for the Devils.
  3. I am taking the Bunnies. They really impressed me last week, especially the defense.
  4. We tried to schedule Open but they had already signed a contract with Mayfield.
  5. I heard Bye’s best offensive weapon, Mike Stealth, injured his knee last week but it can’t be seen on film and no one claims to have seen it in person.
  6. We are healthy. However, even IF we weren’t, HIPPA laws prevent me from discussing any of them.
  7. See! Even when someone has film on Bye, it isn't helpful!!
  8. Long trip for Fairview for a short game. Running clock in the first half.
  9. Bye has been difficult to block. They seem to score at will.
  10. Raceland is playing really well this year but as per usual, we run into undefeated Bye. Any opinions on how this one goes down?
  11. It was nice to meet @AverageJoesGym last night
  12. Unfortunately, this series is over for now. It is only because of the logistics. But I will tell you, both team’s staffs love the competition and the chance to make a good team better. Coaches get along well and it was fierce between the lines. Somerset was the most physical game we have played. Ashland was the best team we have played so far but Somerset was a close second.
  13. With all the rain today and tonight, how sloppy is the field?
  14. Send the freshmen out to play against BC and let your players heal up for JC.
  15. facebook live stream for Raceland football; rmd.me/Rnpdwi4SL.pj
  16. FYI, the website listed above has a link to their Facebook page. You can watch the game on Facebook Live, if you want.
  17. Well, we DO need a big win this week. But doesn’t everyone need a big win, every week? I think it’ll be a really good game. If we are fortunate enough, hopefully we drive home 3 hours victorious.
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