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  1. He did but he was mistaken. 7-5 10-3 10-5 11-3
  2. Raceland has 61 wins, 4 Region titles and 1 State Finals appearance in the past 6 years.
  3. Ferguson was not let go by Coal Grove. He left on his own. Not sure why. Inquiring minds want to know.....
  4. Shout out to the Schmidt Family who owns several Bdubs for feeding both Pikeville and Raceland this week. It was so nice to go to the Ironton, OH restaurant and enjoy the large party room with our team, coaches, dance team and cheerleaders. It was a heartfelt and appreciated gesture from the owners. Thank you!!!!
  5. ^ Coach Salmons is always preaching “the little things”. I agree with you ATL, except who wins the game.
  6. I concur with all the comments about our offense. That being said, we weren’t supposed to be good enough to win last year, either.
  7. Great job tonight for the Rams. I am so proud of them.
  8. To date the past 6 years; 60 wins, 4 Regional Titles and a finals appearance with more game(s) to follow.
  9. I hear it’s muddy. I hope that the rain stops soon enough and the high amounts of sand on the field allow it to dry out some.
  10. I don't understand why I can't win at the casinos with my keen capabilities. LOL
  11. My prediction? Beechwood will NOT score 100 points in this game.
  12. I feel the key to the game for Raceland is the passing game. If Jake Heighton keeps up what he has done so far, we are in good shape. If it goes like it did in the regular season match up, we are in trouble. In 2 playoff games, Jake has thrown 10 TD passes and 1 INT that actually bounced off our receiver and into the defenders arms.
  13. I expect to have an ulcer by the end of the 3rd qtr of our game @ Paintsville.
  14. Coach Trimble is getting the basketballs ready in Raceland. I can't believe we are playing for the Region Championship. I hope we stay in this one.
  15. Without breaking HIPPA laws, we are hopeful he can return. Depends on a lot of factors.
  16. I doubt many of the Russell fans thought they'd be favored to win game #8 and a chance of playing a home game for the Region Championship after game #3 this year. Great job coaching and an even better job of kids buying into what they were being taught and going out and producing.
  17. I am not being argumentative with you but this comment always blows my mind. The long bus ride should not affect 16-19 year old athletes. It affects us 50 year old's with bad knees and backs that ride with them. LOL I am of the opinion that long bus rides being blamed for bad play or losing is just an excuse.
  18. I had this discussion earlier in the week with Coach. He said, "I don't care where we play the game. Let's line-up in the parking lot, it's fine with me."
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