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  1. @Ram or any other Moderator, can I get the thread title changed to read, "How Do Programs Recover From Discouraging Seasons?" Thanks. Maybe we can get a discussion going from that title vs the current one.
  2. I am not diminishing anyone who plays/played for bad teams. I played at Greenup County and our best year was 5-6 and I never played in a playoff game. I was trying to bring up a discussion of what and why these things happen. I am not wanting to discuss wins and losses but the mere competitive aspect of the game. I cannot wrap my head around a team not being able to score and be a little more competitive. Teams that are struggling usually have the opportunity to play "lesser" opponents or of a more equal caliber and should be able to score and have at least 1-3 competitive games. I'll use East Carter as a perfect example. A few years ago, the team was struggling, not only to be competitive but in getting guys out for the team. The school decided to drop out of district play and scheduled a lighter schedule and was able to get morale up and kids interested in playing and now, the team is playing better. They almost won their playoff game last week as a 4 seed. These are some of the things I was hoping to get going, not to bash on the futility of bad seasons.
  3. If we are fortunate enough to win Friday and next week, playing on the turf will be beneficial before going to Pikeville.
  4. Updated Weather Channel forecast for Friday in Paris, KY is 100% chance of rain in the morning and into the afternoon (1/4"). Mostly cloudy Friday night and low temperature around 30F.
  5. Fairview went 0-10 and scored a total of 34 points and were shut out 7 times. They gave up 499 points this year. My question is; has any team in state history had such an inept 10 game schedule ever? I am not picking on Fairview by posting this but I am really just wondering where this stacks up against the rest of the state in regards to futility?
  6. Here is a surprise......currently a 60% chance of rain and a high of 47F for this coming Friday.
  7. Russell wins and returns to the Region Championship game.
  8. Paris will be a good opponent. They have some nice skill kids with some speed.
  9. @Mustang, I think you’ll find the updates to the field and the surrounding area appealing. Our field house is the next to be replaced. It is truly an eyesore. I hope you guys have a safe trip down the AA and enjoy RamLand hospitality.
  10. Now that’s a comprehensive cover of Bishop. Thanks @Mustang.
  11. Are there no Brossart posters or anyone up that way interested in this one?
  12. Any NKY posters that can elaborate on what we should see from Brossart?
  13. The only sounds of Pine will be on the backsides, delivered by Pikeville.
  14. Bishop Brossart opens the playoff season vs Raceland for the 4th season in a row. Raceland has won all 3 previous meetings. Can Raceland continue their dominance in this matchup or is this Bishop’s year to get the W?
  15. I think this is 4 years in a row Bishop and Raceland have met in the first round.
  16. Very good defensive game. Proud of how Russell has improved throughout the year. Also, proud of how Raceland gutted one out.
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