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  1. Taking all things into account. 1. Beechwood has lost to arguably the best team in the state 5A CovCath and a top 3 team in 3A Corbin. 2. Pikeville lost to a top 3A team and rival, Belfry. 3. Raceland lost by 1 score to #1 ranked 4A Ashland. Given the fact that IF these teams go by their losses, Raceland should move up from #3. Beechwood is the best team in 1A, I won’t disagree but they have lost 2 in a row. Pikeville and Raceland have 1 loss and Raceland losing to a larger and better ranked team should play into their placement. This is my opinion. Like I said, a poll must take into account losses, regardless of how good or average we think a team is. Beechwood IS the best 1A team but if they continue to lose will you keep them #1 based on this logic or do you start moving people up that are winning?
  2. Ashland continues to roll, although Rowan is much improved.
  3. Good day of practice. I think the bulletin board material West left for us may have shown us a little motivation for the hot practice field today.
  4. I don’t know if Russell can own the trenches if they have the injuries up front like I have heard. I don’t know if what I heard is true, if it is, West may have an advantage.
  5. Just discussing this topic. I like what I read but I just think Raceland could’ve moved up at least 1 spot this week.
  6. 1 & 2 lost this past week and 3 won but there was no change in the positioning of 1,2 or 3. I am not saying 3 is better than 1 or 2 but for the sake of polls, it doesn't follow logic. And I agree, BGP's seems to be more accurate than any other polls.
  7. Acceptance speech "I would like to thank those who have taught me well, Ram, Painter, Oldrambler, etc...."
  8. That being said, I am not saying Raceland is the better of the 3 teams. I am just saying that polls usually reward the winning team and drops a team that loses. What I mean is, most would agree Alabama is the best football team in America but if they lose a game, they drop in the polls. They don't get to keep their position.
  9. I will say that Raceland knows where everyone stands when it comes to who "they" think are the best teams in 1A and I hope we play with a chip on our shoulder. Beechwood has lost consecutive games and Pikeville lost to the #4 team in 3A and are still ahead of Raceland who lost a close game to the #1 team in 4A. Yet, both teams stayed ahead of us in the polls...…...interesting.
  10. I am shocked that we are a 12 point favorite but it is flattering.
  11. Raceland is facing the top ranked, undefeated team in their Region in Portsmouth West and it is on the road. They are Division V which is similar to a large 2A-small 3A class school in KY. I am not so sure we should be favored to win this one.
  12. I am excited to get to this game. Ports West's RB has pretty much said they are expecting to blow us out this year. This game will be determined by who has the bigger testicles and imposes their will on the other.
  13. No. Our daughter came in from UK and was going back that evening. We ate as a family and by then it was 6:30. It's a 2 hour trip, so I stayed home and chilled. I was bummed that I missed it. Maybe I can make it next year.
  14. And that type of throw exploits our "style". Scouting and coaching up at halftime will always tighten up coverages. But seeing that is a good football observation.
  15. AND......according to down and distance and the opponents alignment, they make back off another yard or two. Last night was more about Valley having a great game plan to throw at a zone coverage’s weakness. We also were unable to get to the QB and gave him 4+ seconds which is way to long to keep everyone covered. After our halftime adjustments, we had a few sacks, 3 INTs and less than 100yards on >20 attempts. When you look at all of that, I think we see a lot of overreaction. Looking at game film with the team today revealed a much better played game defensively than what is being described on this thread.
  16. I am not sure why everyone is discussing the DB’s other than they had an off night. Raceland hasn’t changed coverage or assignment rules for years. I have been here 13 years and they’re the same. They play appropriately 7 yards off the ball. It hasn’t changed and probably won’t. Every team can have a bad night. And it wasn’t a bad night for all 4 qtrs. We held Valley to less than 100 yards in the second half.
  17. I agree! I’m friends with both and I can’t decide between them. I hope it’s a good ballgame.
  18. Unfortunately, our best kicker is Dalton Adkins and he has chronic hip flexor and groin tightness. Kicking aggravates his muscle tightness and makes him less effective on offense and defense.
  19. I guarantee you that the defensive backs will recover from this one. They were in position on 2 of the 4 passes and 2 blown coverages. Overall, pleased but this wasn’t the defense we are used to seeing over the past 2 years.
  20. Congratulations to the Comets!!! Coach Barker has his boys tuned in. They have Russell next week?
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