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  1. Seventh coach since 2004. Ward, Brown, Salsman, Flynn, Bordas, Goodman, and ????? They got a great bunch of young kids.
  2. Gillispie is doubtful for this semester. His visit to Western Kentucky is probably due to being related to former Western standout Derek Robinson. Bourbon County had a transfer from Lafayette but he was ruled ineligible. Bourbon will struggle for offense with Gillispie gone. Is Bordas still the coach?
  3. Clark County being 6th is the biggest shocker IMO. I would have to think they are top two or three.
  4. On a different note, will Zollo see any action at Western. what is the good word in Bowling Green
  5. He played with against Jay Johnson for a team called Charlotte Court I believe. If I'm not mistaken, I believe he started for them. Your comment again proves my point that he is not recognized as a good player because where he plays. If he was in the 11th region he would be considered just as good or better than Johnson. Comparing Zollo's box score is not the comparison I'm making. Any player from Clark should score against Paris. There is no one else to help Jacobs defend the "trees" at Clark. I was simply saying Jacobs had a couple of blocks against Zollo and made some nice post moves including a dunk, against, who was supposed to be, the "best big man in the state."
  6. Paris has the most underrated player, not only in the region, but in the state. Aaron Jacobs is around 6-7 and is good around the basket as well can shoot the three. Saw him play Clark County twice last year and he gave Vinny Zollo all he wanted. Paris got beat handily in both of the games and my guess this is why he doesn't get a lot of recognition. He could be a star player on many rosters. One of his coaches compared him to Jay Johnson of Woodford, but a better shooter. My guess is he's getting very few looks from schools, but should be.
  7. Clark County is a 20+ favorite against Pendleton Monday.
  8. GRC is supposed to win by 50. Paris is athletic enough to make this a game. They have two players that could win a lot of games by themselves. They have a lot of discipline and structure problems. If Paris played their best game and Clark County had an off night, this game could be close. Two years ago, Clark County beat Paris 60 in th regular season and in the first round of the district it was a 3 point game with 4 minutes to go. I'm going to predict Clark County by 26.
  9. Paris was in control for about 60 percent of the game and then it all went south from there. Bracken pulled away in the third quarter when Paris' big man went out with foul trouble.
  10. Yes, Brossart was the better team. Paris has better players, but they didn't execute. 24 for Paris is a great player but they have no one that can get him the ball.
  11. Who wins this one. Both teams' records indicate they are struggling. Thoughts?
  12. According the Herald Leader, Paris was up big on Deming the other night and lost in the last minute. They are a very up and down team. The discipline always seem to be an issue there.
  13. Greyhounds are not as good as I once thought. There were lot of frowns and lip service on the court last night. The Jacobs kid is a good player but was shut down last night offensively. Paris needs to do more to get him touches. Bourbon had a good shooting night. I still get a kick out of watching Bourbon's coach on the sideline. Unbelievable.
  14. The game is still on for tonight I believe. Any final thoughts? This game got pretty heated last year.
  15. I know these two teams aren't what they used to be, but it's still one of the best rivalries in the business. They play Thursday in a seed game that is extremely important. Loser will play Clark County first round of the district. Who wins? Could the school systems combine and compete for a 10th region title? Im going Paris in a close one.
  16. Paris was up 9 in the first half at one point as well. Both teams blew leads and fought back. The point guard for Paris took over the game in the last four minutes and brought them back.
  17. There are not alot of tall guys out there this year. I can name a hand full. Names that come to mind... Vinny Zollo -GRC Jaylen Daniel- GRC Tregg Setty- Mason Freshman from Shelby Valley is 6'10" Aaron Jacobs- Paris Like I said, I'm kind of out of the loop on big men.
  18. No it is not. Coach Calipari teaches it everyday as a fundamental drill. My son says his coach is teaching it as well. I see so many referees call it a walk. I get madder and madder everytime I see it called as a walk. :madman:
  19. Indians were shot the ball extemely well. I believe they hit 14 threes.
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