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UK's New Uniforms


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One word........UGLY!......:puke:


I personally cannot stand to see teams wear new style unis every year or two. I am old school and love the idea of wearing the same uni style every year. One doesn't see teams like Bama, Auburn,LSU,UGA,Penn State,USC and alot of others going with a different uni style every season. When teams like that come out of the tunnel, you know who they are.

I guess when there is no tradition or good team that a school has to try and get noticed some way :idunno: :irked:


(one exception- Oregon, they have a good program and the unis are ridiculous every season. I guess when the ceo of Nike is a high dollar alum, you wear his unis :D)

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I'm thinking that picture is not exactly what they'll be. Looks like a photoshop of an old Oregon uniform. I think the model (along with the number and headband) is the exact same as this old one: http://usc.ocregister.com/2008/10/02/oregons-uniforms-the-best-try-the-worst/1823/


Second model from the left. Same guy.


You're right. I was thinking that this did not look like the jerseys Nike had put online earlier. I can't imagine UK going for the exact same design as Oregon has rocked in the past.

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