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A Few Useful Facts About the 2010 Gridiron Bowl Participants


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Trinity: Louisville + Private = The Evil Empire.


Male: Another big city school, but w/o the research budget, dorms...and uh, wins. Public status takes the edge off this one a little.


Highlands: The Cowboys - America's favorite team, except that everyone hates them.


Christian County: This team just sounds like a private school. And that's close enough for most.


NCC: Private school located somewhere in Cincinnati. Still Golden Triangle -- just not the really evil corner. Sort of "Cov Cath Lite."


Owensboro Catholic: Proof that not all the KY Catholics live along I-71. They're private, and people might dislike them more for it...if they had a clue where Owensboro is located.


Central: One of Louisville's "compass schools." The innovative idea behind these schools is that, if any child gets left behind, they'll eventually run into a school in any direction.


Boyle County: Half of the infamous Titletown Twins -- who get along almost as well as Cain and Abel...but with a bit less smiting of one another.


Allen County-Scottsville: This team can't decide whether it's a county school or a city school. I think they're Allen County for basketball, and Scottsville for football. That would seem to be the most effective strategy, since the big county schools win all the Sweet Sixteens, and the little independent schools win all the football trophies.


Belfry: The team everyone fears in Class 3A...when they're not playing Central. Belfry has the only school campus in the state built over an extinct volcano. The school is situated along the West Virginia border; but the borders there are -- similar to the pirate's code -- more like "guidelines."


Mayfield: Isn't this where Beaver Cleaver went to school? How can you not like a school called Mayfield? Yeah, it sounds a little generic; but at least their founding fathers didn't just call it "High School." I mean, who would be THAT silly? Male?


Hazard: No, this is NOT where Bo & Luke came from. Hazard once won a playoff game by forfeit when their opponent's busses never showed up. Apparently, there was a cliff-side road that had collapsed and become impassable. Well, the local police put up all sorts of signs to let people know that the "Hazard" was just ahead.

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BF I'm not going to lie I've been on here for quite some time and following state wide HS football for about a decade now and pretty much all of those made me chuckle. Good job friend, I'll buy you a drink some time I promise....... if I ever actually make it to one of those NKY BGP Reds games.

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