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  1. Well pop my bubble! Scripted? I was so hoping that after the fumble, new QB coach Gino Guidugli refused to live through the “same old, same old” and yanked him. THAT would have sent a message to the whole team. Outside of the defensive ejection and the one long run, D was much improved. (Thanks Coach Stripling!) Go Cats!
  2. GF...You didn’t use a certain 6’1 180lb red hair. Blue eye draft card at Burgandy’s did you? I thought it only worked at Alexander’s or Denny Dase’s Place. :ylsuper:
  3. I thought having red hair would have made you tougher ! :laugh:
  4. Has the IRS weighed in on any of this mess yet? Do the Adidas, Nike, UA etc make prison uniforms?
  5. I hear he's not serious about football but in it "just for kicks!" :ohbrother: But seriously, EXCELLENT WORK, Jared.
  6. Epic defensive fail. Navy rushes for record ground total. I thought Fickell would have some answers. U G L Y.
  7. Hmmmm? Gino Guidugli, asst. at Central Michigan and local HS/College legend???
  8. Coach Scott Turner, Highlands. "The Magician"! (the award didn't say HEAD coach of the year!:clap:)
  9. GREAT TEAM VICTORY! Coaches made adjustments, D came out in 2nd half determined and the offense played their dynamic selves, led by the unflappable Beau Hoge. Win was DEFINITELY NOT a one man show....gang tackling by a swarming D, HARD running by Griffin "the Duke of" Urlage, and a stable of nimble recievers. And I can't say enough about the job that Coach "the Magician" Turner has done once again with this year's O-line. (so Fine!). Okay, Coach Dub, you are 1 for 1....Whattaya' got for next year?? PROUD TO BE A BIRD!
  10. He also calls many of the state champ games...
  11. Gary Ball is a long time sports reporter for TV and radio. He hosted a syndicated sports show called the Ball Report that was not carried in NKY but the rest of the state got it. Graduate of Boone Cty. HS and UK. Had my son and Tony Guidugli on his program and still owes me a copy of the broadcast (subtle hint Gary!!) Probably more familiar with the LC players but he's deeply rooted in NKY!
  12. Just want to wish HHS coach Brady Dowling good luck in his 1st game at the helm. Hopefully he will rely heavily on my ol' sidekick on the sidelines, Jimmy Dierig, who's "livin' the dream" coaching the Baby Birds.
  13. The REAL question to the humpbacks chances is: How are they going to water down the field with the new turf???, says the 1975 FB Bird. :laugh:
  14. EXCELLENT! Congrats to Drew, his family, and NCC family. A great "get" for NKU!
  15. The title of the thread is "Birdsfan, my friend." I contest that it should be "BF, everyone's friend" for I do not know of any living creature that didn't like David. I always admired the fortitude of BF, and mostly, his family. The way his brothers cared and looked out for him was touching. And watching his parents...especially Coach Lehkamp, nurture BF has truly been inspirational to me. I just hope that I can come somewhat close to his standard with my sons. The bar is set high. Jeffrey, Michael....the ache is immense for you I'm sure. But take solace in knowing that David is in the Lords' ballfield now. Pain free and playing hard...just like his brothers did! And come this fall, he will be on that big blue rail in the sky, looking over DCM along with all the other faithfully departed Birds' such as Mike Dunn, Mitch Waldenmeyer , Francis Giglia et al... rooting for another HHS victory. And as such, he will never leave our hearts! Prayers up for David, the Lehkamp family, and all of BF's BGP family!
  16. Wishing the best for young Patrick Towles! Great kid from a great family
  17. BF...I'm having Patrick say extra prayers for you! The good Lord listens to him waaaaaa-y before me. But I'm still going to say some, too...not only for you, but the rest of the family plus the caregivers. Stay tough, fight hard, give it your best, In His name we pray!
  18. Way to go, Scottie! Great school! Your old FTJFL coach is very proud of all you've accomplished and become. O-LINE, SO FINE!
  19. Congrats to Thomas "don't call me Tommy" Wrobleski! Very proud of the HS career he had and look forward to much more success at the next level! Go ex-blue teamers!
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