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KHSAA Board of Control Against Split

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One side of that debate began yesterday when the KHSAA's Board of Control met to look over 20 proposals that the Delegate Assembly will vote on in Lexington on Oct. 20.


No one spoke in favor of the proposal, but several board members voiced opposition to the proposal that would divide public and private schools into separate post-season competition, saying it was a "quick fix" that might have unforeseen consequences that could threaten the future of the KHSAA.


Paul Dotson of Pike County, noting that several school superintendents had a hand in crafting the proposal, said it was "about power, about superintendents getting together . . . wanting to run athletics in this state.


"I'm willing to stand up and stand strong for what I believe to be right. We have a great association. This (proposal) will not work!"

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More postseason tourneys to cover with workers blah blah blah.


I think that if the KHSAA tries to split the state into two tourneys then the privates will come up with some other model. They certainly won't let all the money that would be generated from an X / T postseason matchup flow to the KHSAA. I think that if the split happens the privates take their ball and go home and find something else that will allow them to survive.

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