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Michael Strahan to Retire

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How does this affect HB's emotions???


5 hours and he hasn't posted in this thread. GO CATS, he is in a time of need, go help him out. Or just find him and make sure he hasn't done anything reckless. :lol:

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I figured this announcement would have come a while ago, but congrats to him on a great year and finally earning that ring.


How does this affect the Giants D-line? Will they be able to replace him?


Justin Tuck is an animal, and was getting a lot of playing time already. This doesn't help the Giants at all, but it won't hurt as much as some might think.


Justin Tuck had 2 sacks in the super bowl, and 10 sacks on the season. He's very good at stopping the run and very good at rushing the passer. He even played some defensive tackle this year as well.




I'm a HUGE Michael Strahan fan. I have a Strahan jersey, and a Strahan t-shirt. Also a Giants sweat shirt with Strahan's name and number on it. He is what a football player should be and I can not blame him one bit for going out on top. I own and have read his book, "Inside the Helmet" and it is amazing. He is a beat up man and that is another reason I don't blame him for retiring now. He says that some days he can't even put his own socks and shoes on because he is in so much pain. Also, his fingers will pop out of place doing things as simple as typing. He's got his super bowl ring and a job in the commentators booth waiting on him. I wish him the best!:thumb::thumb:

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