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Open Job: Calvary Christian

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Just being honest here.  Calvary Christian has bigger issues than needing a head coach.

They need to establish that they are capable of having a viable team and some plan in place for the future, or don't have a team at all.  

Last season, following two years of not fielding a team at all, they fielded a 10 member team, that basically disbanded mid-season and forfeited their district engagement with Scott, finishing 1-17 including forfeits.   Four of those players a year ago were seniors.  Obviously, if basketball is a priority with girls considering Calvary Christian, they go elsewhere.  High School basketball is not a club sport or social event, you have an obligation to be good citizens of the district/conference/region in which you plan to compete.  Your having a team affects other legitimate programs' ability to schedule other teams, and forfeiting the majority of your games has farther reaching implications than simply making a phone call at 2pm on game day.

As an example, Team A would like to schedule Team B home and away, however Team B has conference obligations to schedule Calvary twice and does.   Team B defeats Calvary by 65 points in the third game of the season, then Calvary forfeits the second game.  Team A and Team B could have played two competitive contests.

Orlando Donaldson has been a godsend to the boys basketball program at Calvary.  He has built a basketball program which has been competitive at the Class A level.  On paper the Cougar boys will be down this year, but Coach Donaldson and his team will do the best that they can, and can be counted on to show up on the night they are scheduled.  

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We did broadcast a game in Taylor Mill last year against Bellevue.  Their team was made up of primarily soccer players.  In talking to their coach, who has since left, they just wanted to have a team, but as Mustang said, things went downhill quickly and they stopped playing.

Totally agree with the boys side of things, great development of the program, but also that a decision needs to be made on keeping it or not at all.  If they did shut it down, would they need to close down a boys program for Title IX reasons?

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