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Bengals coronavirus rules

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As a season ticket holder, I got my email today.  Limited seating.  If I'm allowed to be in the stadium at all, I'll probably be moved to a different seat location for 2020.  They give me the option to opt of 2020 and have money that I have already paid moved to 2021 or get a refund, I guess.  Since I share tickets with another family (although I own the COAs), I haven't decided what I'm going to do.  Right...wearing a mask for 3 hours won't be fun.



Dear xxxxxxxx,


Last week, we promised to provide you with A) more information and B) options for the 2020 season.  Please carefully review the information below to make the best decision for your group.


The Bengals place a premium on the health and safety of our fans, staff, and players in hosting football games this fall.  To that end, we will implement guidelines consistent with applicable laws, regulations, and NFL rules that are responsive to fan safety concerns.  As you consider attending games this year, please note the following safety measures will be in effect:


·     All fans will be required to wear facial coverings at all times unless actively eating or drinking

·     Fans will be required to socially distance when moving about the stadium, including while waiting in lines while entering and exiting the stadium, standing at concession areas, and so forth

·     Tailgating in the parking lots will not be permitted

·     Capacity at Paul Brown Stadium will be greatly reduced in order to provide each seating group physical distance between you and the next nearest seating group

·     The first 8 rows of the lower level will be blocked off

The last two bullet points make clear that seating locations will change this year & if we have approval to host fans at games, we will undergo a stadium-wide re-seating process for all Season Ticket Members.  Please note that the above safety guidelines remain subject to change based on, among other things, any subsequent changes in applicable laws and regulations and NFL guidelines.


We understand everyone will have different levels of comfort with attending games given the above guidelines. While we absolutely want you to join us in The Jungle this fall, we understand this may not be the best option for you at this time.  We have outlined 2 simple options below.  Option 1 is for fans who want to attend games in person this fall, subject to our required re-seating plan.  Option 2 is for fans who wish to opt out of 2020 tickets, but keep their seats for 2021.


1.  Count me in! If you'd like to join us this fall at Paul Brown Stadium and participate in the re-seating process (taking place in August), no action is needed at this time.  If you have a remaining balance on your account, it will be due at the time of your seat selection.  NOTE:  you may still choose to opt-out of the 2020 season after reviewing your seating options and prior to the completion of the re-seating process.  Please note that if you take no action, you will receive option 1.

2.  I'm watching the 2020 season from home (but I'll be back in The Jungle in 2021!). If you'd like to opt-out of the 2020 season but preserve your seats for 2021, please click the opt-out button below and submit the web form.


*By opting out of the 2020 season, you acknowledge and agree that you are forfeiting your rights to any seats for the 2020 season regardless of your Charter Ownership Agreement (COA) or Season Ticket Member status or priority & you are forfeiting any claims based on the COA or your Season Ticket Member status.  You will retain all your COA and Season Ticket Member priorities, rights, and seat locations for the 2021 season.


**If you opt-out and choose to receive a refund, you will be refunded using the payment method you used at the time of purchase. Refunds will be processed within 30 days of receiving your request. If your payment method is no longer valid, please reach out to your Account Manager.

You may have questions so please reach out to our STM Services team by phone at (513) 455-8888 or email with any questions or concerns regarding your account.


Stay safe & WHO DEY!

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8 hours ago, theguru said:

I am going to support the Bengals no matter what @nkypete but as a long time season ticket holder in the past there is no way I would make an investment in season tickets now given those restrictions. 

I opted out of the 2020 season today and asked for my money back to my credit card.  I retain my rights for 2021.

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I think my parents are planning on still getting their 5 tickets for 2020. Not super excited that we don’t know where they will be though. We have 2 club seats and 3 seats in the first row near the visitors locker room. 

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38 minutes ago, MJAlltheWay24 said:

If I was a Season Ticket holder, I think I'd take my refund and just enjoy the games from my couch for the 2020 season and be ready to head back down in 2021.

It will be far from the gameday experience that many know and love.

Agree.  I've pretty much come to the conclusion that my experience watching the games from home is pretty darn good, and only go to 1 or 2 NFL games a year, and those are typically wrapped into a trip to another city.

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My question is how will the Bengals and the rest of the NFL that allows fans, control the resale market? If you have 4 season tickets in 2020 and they are together. You are only going to be able to use 2 tickets for a game and you list the other 2 on stubhub. How will they space theme out? You won’t know the person who purchase your other 2 seats. Best guess is the teams will have to contact ticket resale sites and just not allow resale tickets this year. That’s my best guess. 

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Not sure if this means anything or not but had purchased tickets for the Bengals opening game on 9/13 at home vs the Chargers. Received a refund today from my ticket company for 120% of the purchase price . It said "the game had been deemed CANCELED." I hope this not a omen for things to come.

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9 hours ago, 16thBBall Fan said:

Not sure if this means anything or not but had purchased tickets for the Bengals opening game on 9/13 at home vs the Chargers. Received a refund today from my ticket company for 120% of the purchase price . It said "the game had been deemed CANCELED." I hope this not a omen for things to come.

Just curious. Where did you buy the tickets? 

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