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World Population


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Always a new generation of population doomsayers. Malthus was wrong. Erlich was wrong. This one's wrong too.


So how do you accommodate the ever growing population? Food/energy/freshwater are all limited resources. How do you continue to support the population when these basic necessities are limited?


From the other side of the spectrum, how do you curb the population?

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Has doubled since 1960. Does this concern anyone else? There is no need for this type of growth. It is just stupid IMO.

So where does that leave us...forced abortions, forced sterilizations, forced contraception...maybe family planning by the "State"?


Maybe we can just start killing people when they reach a predetermined age...maybe 70 (that would also help save money for Social Security)


How about a "Purge" that seemed to work well in the movie...or a good old fashioned antibiotic resistant plague.

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This topic always takes me back to a story by Kentucky's own sci-fi/fantasy author Andrew Offutt (Haldeman, Rowan County) called "Population Implosion". There are only a finite number of souls available to the human race, so the elderly die as babies are born. How the world's superpowers deal with the issue is interesting..

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It just seems like common sense to me that a finite space will reach a capacity limit...whatever that is.


The bulk of the growth is expected in developing countries. These are probably the same ones with the tear jerking commercials of starvation. To me the first step is education..and not the kind that discourages family planning and contraception.


I will repeat - to stick one's head in the sand is just stupid.

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