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  1. This isn't event in the same universe as 2006.....
  2. Why would Highlands have sprinklers on a turf field?
  3. I wonder if the 1980's are still calling, and still wanting their foreign policy back?
  4. Intentionally misleading people to believing a certain political agenda. Using means to obtain information that subvert the code of ethics they they are expected to follow. Refusing to publish stories at the request of a campaign. "Act Independently The highest and primary obligation of ethical journalism is to serve the public. Journalists should: – Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived. Disclose unavoidable conflicts. – Refuse gifts, favors, fees, free travel and special treatment, and avoid political and other outside activities that may compromise integrity or impartiality, or may damage credibility. – Be wary of sources offering information for favors or money; do not pay for access to news. Identify content provided by outside sources, whether paid or not. – Deny favored treatment to advertisers, donors or any other special interests, and resist internal and external pressure to influence coverage. – Distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two. Prominently label sponsored content. " I really think you should take a look at the link I posted.
  5. As journalists, it is supposed to be their responsibility to navigate their biases and produce journalism in a fair and accurate manner. Also, to "– Avoid undercover or other surreptitious methods of gathering information unless traditional, open methods will not yield information vital to the public."
  6. Journalistic integrity seems to be a thing of the past. "The Society declares these four principles as the foundation of ethical journalism and encourages their use in its practice by all people in all media" SPJ Code of Ethics | Society of Professional Journalists | Improving and protecting journalism since 1909
  7. Lol. I wasn't able to watch the debate, but I am assuming that it actually happened?
  8. Fair enough. But back to the debate...what was the deal with the fly on Hilary's face? Was that actually a real thing, or is that a product of the twitter machine?
  9. No your right I absolutely understand that everyone has opinions...I just think it is important to recognize the difference between someone sharing their opinion and someone sharing their prophecy. Saying that something "will happen" in the future, when in fact the results are yet to be determined, seems a little silly to me.
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