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AFC Title Game Predictions: Colts @ Patriots

Who Wins?  

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So far the Colts secondary has been able to lock down the Bengals and Broncos WR's and TE's, not allowing much separation at all. This has allowed them to keep more in the box and stop the run and put pressure on QB's. Obviously the Pats have Gronk who is an animal, so they may not be able to simply man him up. However if I am the Colts, I stick to what they have done on defense the last two weeks.

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^I have a feeling the Patriots are going to do what they did in the first meeting. Run it down their throats.


That's why if I am the Colts I stick to the same game plan they have had so far. They have simply played tight man to man on both the Bengals and Broncos, and stacked the box to stop the run. I thought it only worked against the Bengals because the Bengals had no WR's who could get open. However Denver had all their weapons, and their guys couldn't get much separation either. Obviously Manning and Dalton not being able to throw down field didn't help those teams. However the secondary for the Colts have played great. So I would keep doing the same thing this week, so they can try to make sure that the Pats don't run down their throats again.

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