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Best Teams to NOT win the NCAA Title


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Pretty good list if you ask me.


I think Kentucky 1992-93 was better than Michigan & the best Kentucky team in my lifetime to not win the tournament.


1990-91 UNLV was the first team that came to mind.


For me the best 3 I have always argued for was:


1. 1975 Indiana

2. 1991 UNLV

3. 1985 Georgetown


Those three were just loaded with talent, impressive regular season domination and then it took perfect circumstances to bring them down.

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Wiki that '99 Duke team.....they were monsters.


Actually didn't see the 99 team in that post. Was talking 02 and 11.


99 was sold but I would have them below those other 4 mentioned. 02 and 11 were good teams but not even close to thos teams.

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